Metal Review – Immolation – Providence (2011)

Immolation - ProvidenceDeath metal pioneers, Immolation, are back at in in 2011 with the release of the Providence EP. If you have not heard it, I am not sure why not. It is a free download through Scion A/V Records, so you have no excuse to miss this one. Not only is it a free download, but the CD or vinyl is also available for free at shows.

At first listen, I noted that it seems like such a natural progression from Majesty and Decay. These tracks sound like they could have been added to Majesty and Decay without even missing a beat. It is a seemless transition.

From the opening track, Swallow the Fear, you get that distinct Immolation death metal sound. The tuned down riffs jump out at you while the drums play a strong rhythm behind. The guitars wail with harmonics throughout the vocals which set up a nice sound. Of course, you would expect some speed to be introduced at some point and you would not be wrong. The tempo quickly speeds up in parts and makes Swallow the Fear a very nice listen.

The next track is the title track, Providence. Once again, you are treated to some heavy riffing and drumwork throughout the verses. The astounding drumwork is the standout in this one, but its melodic counterparts are no slouch either. Still Lost kicks it up a notch in the speed department. Once again, the drums are killer. You cannot help but get lost in the drumwork with these songs.

Illumination comes at you next with a haunting beginning before the death metal legends bring the double bass with their standard death metal rhythm. I am loving the verse structure on this track. It goes from the haunting musical work to a powerful verse. This song is a little out of the ordinary (in a good way).

Providence closes out with What They Bring which comes at you full blast in speed and rhythm. This is another strong track and a great way to close out the EP.

Overall, I find the album to be a more solid listen than their previous release, Majesty and Decay, which turned out to be more bland than what I would expected from them. Of course, the downside is the less than 20 minute length of Providence, but I will take what I can get. This brief death metal experience would have been well worth a full asking price.