Metal Review – Eternal Gray – Your Gods, My Enemies (2011)

Eternal Gray - Your Gods, My EnemiesEternal Gray is a band that has been around for a while now. They actually formed in 2001 in Israel, but I am just hearing about them for the first time. They are a melodic death metal band akin to a band like Gojira. At first listen, I actually pegged them to b French. I was quite surprised that their homeland was actually Israel.

Their songs are short and to the point with most clocking in between four and five minutes in length. The riffwork is maddening and the melodic aspects to their songwriting always seem well times and never thrown in for the sake of adding the sometimes overuses melodic elements in the subgenre of metal.

Vocalist Oren Balbus can hold his own with any growling vocalist out there and the dual guitar work of Dory Bar-Or and Auria Sapir makes perfect sense within the framework of the rest of the band.

Songs like Black Prophecy and the title track, Your Gods, My Ennemies, are just power blunt force trauma. The tracks come straight at you with no remorse and no letdown in aggression for the entire length of the tracks.

Overall, Eternal Gray is a pleasant surprise within this oversaturated subgenre of metal, and while not entirely original, are worthwhile enough that you should take notice and give them a try.

ETERNAL GRAY are exceptional in more than just one way. Formed in Israel in late 2001, the band does not subscribe to Oriental Metal like so many of their countrymen. Instead their debut album “Kindless” (2002) captured worldwide attention by their unique brand of melodic Death Metal with a dark twist. Recorded in the famed Abyss Studios by Tommy Tägtgren and featuring guest appearances of Peter Tätgren (HYPOCRISY) and Schmier (DESTRUCTION), their first full length immediately scored full grades and even “album of the month” titles in major Metal magazines. After this impressive kickstart ETERNAL GRAY were invited to share stages with the likes of MESHUGGAH, DESTRUCTION, MEGADETH, DISMEMBER, BEHEMOTH and ROTTING CHRIST to name but a few. Yet it took the Israelis eight years to follow up this success with “Your Gods, My Enemies” now to be released on Season of Mist. During their long break the band was far from idle but fine-tuned their musical skills by incorporating fresh elements inspired by such favourites as GOJIRA, DECAPITATED and NEVERMORE. Recorded in Studio Underground, Sweden, “Your Gods, My Enemies” witnesses the band taking a big step with added complexity but more catchiness at the same time. Walk with ETERNAL GRAY now!

Your Gods, My Enemies Track Listing:
1. Lost Control
2. Controlled
3. Black Prophecy
4. Desolate the Weak
5. Inner Anger
6. Your Gods, My Enemies
7. Unlabeled
8. Blind Messiah
9. Never Waits
10. Never Waits [electronic version bonus track]

Eternal Gray Line-up:
Oren Balbus: vocals
Gil Ben Ya’akov: bass
Dory Bar-Or: guitar
Auria Sapir: guitar
Dror Goldstein: drums