Are you ready to cross the Number 8 Wire

Number 8 Wire
A rescue team searching for a missing tramper find themselves hunted by a deranged maniac who is an expert survivalist, trapper and has a penchant for DIY-instruments-of-death.
A “Killer Ingenuity” FILM
WRITTEN BY Rajneel Singh
Somewhere in the deep bush, a lost tramper’s distress beacon is set off causing emergency rescue services to spring into action. NZSAR Team Bravo – a six-person group of expert climbers, hikers, survivalists and medics – is dispatched into the remote area to look for the missing hiker.

Despite delays due to bad weather and rough terrain, the distress signal remains strong throughout the night, but their hope turns to confusion when they find the missing trampers locator beacon kept alive by an aged and weathered external battery. With no sign of the tramper, but signs of what might have been a struggle, the team is on nerve but continues the search.

Spreading out their search area, one of the team members fails to notice a trip-wire strung across his path and triggers a hidden, hand-built, medieval device that horribly skewers him. The other team members immediately drop their gear and rush over to help, desperately trying to save their friend’s life. When one of the team finally turns back to retrieve some medical equipment, they discover that their packs have been stolen and they are now trapped, alone and with no way to call for help.

Pitted against a deranged maniac that is hunting them one by one, the survivors find that signs of civilization that would normally help lead them to safety have been festooned with ingenious jury rigged traps built from scavenged materials, forcing the team deeper into uncharted territory as they attempt to survive.

Can training and team work save them against their foe’s sadistic ingenuity, or will a killers deadly No. 8 Wire mentality be the death of them all.


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