The Bunny Game vs The BBFC Part 1

When I first heard the news about the banning of Tom Six’s Human Centipede II by the BBFC ( which means it will be banned in the UK), I thought that it was Tom Six’s publicity stunt to build attention for this film. Then, came news that Adam Rehmeier’s The Bunny Game is also a victim of this. I know now, it is not a PR move that this is more of a body of people telling others what is suitable for them to watch. While a film like HC II is make believe and you know at the end of the day it is a film, The Bunny Game is more brutal and realistic with it’s message. Where people will say, ” who wants to see rape in a film” or ” who wants to see real torture”. My question is who are you to tell me that you will not let me make the choice for myself. One of the biggest grossing comedies of our time is Pretty Woman. Lets look at the subject matter, Julia Roberts is that do gooder hooker that all the soccer moms who shove their faces with ho ho’s aspire to be, who has these big dreams. She meets a businessman who pays her for sex and basically keeps her around, along the way Jason Alexander tries to rough her up, and paints this picture to young ladies and kids, that look prostitutes can make millions and you will be swept off your feet…and before you people laugh, I remember the girl I was dating and took her to that film she told me afterwards how Julia was a role model, I looked at her like she was a crackhead. Now, we fast forward 21 years later, we have a prostitute who is not glamorizing the lifestyle but basically showing the grim reality. Women get raped, women are abused, but the ones who stand up for themselves is what America does not want to show you, they are more secure letting you see the victims, they do not want a role model or inspiration for rape victims they want you to feel helpless and dependant on a man. Rodleen Getsic who is the main character who goes thru this ” Bunny Game”, what makes this film unique is there is no fake or hollywood to this film she went thru all this in real life and decided to do on screen therapy and relive it again, and maybe give women a clue about what could happen to them and how to avoid it. Is the movie explicit, sure…but so is the 10 o clock news. No offense but for Fox news to show us over and over those people trapped in the twin towers jumping to their deaths and getting over 25 million watchers and that  was ok and no one seemed to think maybe this was fucked up, but for a real life portrayal of a woman showing what she endured is just horrible and should not be seen. WTF. The Uk, has given us so many cutting edge horror films that it is sad that they are now becoming as close minded and idiotic as the MPAA. If I had a daughter who went thru this ordeal in a heartbeat I would let her watch Rodleen in the Bunny Game. This is the voice of the voiceless, the new kind of victim the one that goes thru it all and stands up tall and says ” I still live, you took this and that from me..but fuck you, you cannot take that”. Last year, Bunny Game made over 10 critics top ten lists, and had some of the most over the top quotes used to describe it, and it made a splash. I will say this readers, judge for yourself if this film is for you do not let a governing body of jack off’s tell you what is appropriate. UK readers, do not let someone decide for you what is right and wrong, seek this film out and see for yourself. And America keep the hope going, Adam is trying to get a deal for you guys, but check the local fests and see why they are not carrying it and demand it.