Slices of Life review


I finally got to see Slices of Life. Sumner teased all us horror critics for
months with pictures and images, without giving up review copies or even links
to buy it. The word of mouth built up, all these festival reviewers talking
about how this film is this and that. I knew I had to see it. To me 50 critics
can tell me something is awesome, and I will watch it and most of the time I
will agree, but there has been times I wonder what the hell they been smoking. (
Chain Letter anyone..and most of the bloggers loved this shit, the
worst horror film ever released into the movie theaters)




Slices of Life is a series of chapters, different stories. The main character
Mira, awakes in front of a motel with amnesia. She is trying to find out what is
going on, who she is. She uncovers three sketchbooks. Each sketchbook is a
story. Work Life, is about a lowly employee who wants people to give him a break
and listen, well he finds a way to make that happen. He unleashes a virus that
turns people into zombies. Home life, is the story of young girls disappearing
and a pregnant woman who thinks ghosts are trying to hurt her fetus. Sex life. A
brother and sister are on the run when they think they killed their molesting
uncle. They find a man who has hurt himself they take him to the hospital. And,
while he is in the hospital, they go back to his house to rob him and discover a
girl who is captive. Welcome to Slices of Life.




The negative first. I was let down a little by Home Life. It reminded me of
Tales from the Hood done by a indie studio. It was the weakest of the stories.
Sex Life is the best of the 3. You want blood, nudity and gore. This did not let
down. And Work Life is almost a tie. I loved that one a lot. Esp. how it ended.
How cruel. I loved Mira and the voices that kept talking to her. This film had a
lot of fun, it is no Creepshow, but you know what it is no total waste
either. I think horror fans will have a blast with this film. Good film, I think
fans will dig this a lot.




7.5 out of 10