Short film reviews-Up Under the Roof, Zombies and Assholes and The Living want me dead


Up Under the Roof

21 minutes

directed by Darin Read


This short is told thru the eyes of a ten year boy who also narrates the film. This film is centered around the fear that something may or may not be in the attic upstairs. The noises we hear in the night and our curiosity to see what they are or to run from them, whatever fits the moment. This film is almost like a depression era drama, of a child trying harder to live his dream and get his parents attention then it is a ghost story. I like the film somewhat, but it it was longer..I feel it would have been so slow and harder to get into. For the 21 minutes it worked, and the ending was not so much a shock as it was just a bittersweet hint of what childhood was to all of us. This film felt like a one person stand by me meets a darker walt disney. As a whole, I think it is a good little film for the family to sit and watch and after explain to the kids, what the meaning is if they did not get it.


7 out of 10


Zombies and Assholes

17 minutes

directed by Sean LoGrasso


This is the sort of film horror festivals are made for. This film centers around a group of friends who are hanging out at a little restaurant. And all of a sudden, a zombie outbreak is happening around them. The cook as he is changing into a zombie pukes into the burgers on the grill and people do not know and start eating them. Soon enough, the whole community are becoming the living dead except our 5 friends who run to their car, and stay inside and try to fend out zombies. This film was so fun, and had such a great time with what it was. The zombies were well done and the blood and gore was amazing. The only negative, why couldn’t this be a full film. They seemed like they had more than 17 minutes and tried so hard to rush everything into it. They should have spread it out and made the scenes mean more and make it 30. As a whole, I am impressed. This film is a must.


8 out of 10


The Living Want Me Dead

24 minutes

directed by Bill Palmer


First off, I have to give credit where it’s due. What a cool concept. Howard needs cash, he goes to a medical facility as a guinea pig and does not know what to expect but they give him a kill scent. His scent makes people want to kill him. They foam at the mouth and almost become zombie like and do anything to kill him. I love the intro to this film..amazing. Almost too amazing…and the character Howard has such a fun time on screen, that it carries thru this film. Talk about a film that is more comedy than horror, but is so over the top in its approach that you have a fun time with it. And, talk about a good full length film. Esp with the cliff hanger ending this film has and I forgot to tell you..this film takes place during the christmas holidays. Again, this film was a blast and I highly recommend people to seek this out.


7.5 out of 10