Scott Glosserman Fearshop Interview

Behind the Mask

Here is an interview that we conducted with Scott Glosserman, director behind the cult classic, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

Halloween MasksTell us about the grassroots campaign on Facebook to get Before The Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon made.

The theory went something like, if we sold a couple hundred thousand DVDs of BEHIND THE MASK, and people who bought the DVD were into the genre enough to know about the movie, then could we somehow reach those people and get even half of them to pre-order the next one; because that would cover our costs to shoot the movie. We felt the best place to give direct sales/pre-orders a shot was on Facebook since those BEHIND THE MASK fans were most likely on it.  The campaign on Facebook is challenging, but incredibly rewarding…not just financially. Financially, we are doing okay and expect to continue to do better as we make some more announcements and continue to get the word out.

I saw that one of the cool items a fan can buy besides DVD’s and posters is an actual appearance in the movie in which they can have the honor of getting slaughtered!

What could be more fun for a horror fan, right?

I heard there is a video message from the man himself Leslie Vernon.

There is, indeed. It won’t be the last one.

How great is Nathan Baesel? Why has this guy not gotten huge rolls in Hollywood yet?

Nathan is not only an incredible actor, but an incredible guy, as well. Why Nathan hasn’t broken out, why the movie didn’t do better, etc – these are microcosms for some of the problems in the industry. It isn’t always a meritocracy.

Tell fans what to expect from the new movie? How can you keep the charm of the original and take it to the next level.

The new movie intends to deconstruct the conventions and archetypes of the horror sequel, prequel and remake. We’re affectionately calling B4TM a ‘spreemake’, therefore.  It was a challenge to create the right narrative device that will allow us to utilize both mockumentary-style camera work, as well as full on omniscient horror aesthetic (and, perhaps, an additional perspective), but we’re confident we’ve pulled it off. Certainly, horror derivatives tend to be bigger and bloodier…so for those who thought the gore was lacking we think they will be pleased as punch.

Hollywood seems to have lost interest in horror again except for a remake here and there. As a film maker how do you feel about that? Does horror work better as small independents anyway?

Horror works for different people on different levels. Commercial PG-13 horror like URBAN LEGEND – the type that scares but doesn’t gross out — will continue to be churned out by the studios, and the female audience, especially, will gravitate towards it. In that regard, horror has blended into gothic love story for the time being – ergo, TWILIGHT, TRUE BLOOD, etc…

For the hard-core horror fans, they may have to wait for the next BLAIR WITCH to come out of nowhere in order to spark the Hollywood horror machine process, again. But, solid indie horror films are coming out quite regularly, so, who cares if Hollywood is making them. We just need a better distribution model.

What’s the last movie that really got your adrenaline pumping and made you say, “This is why I love movies”?

I’ve really, really, got to say how much I love BREAKING BAD – I know you asked about a movie, but that’s one amazing show – shot like a movie. It’s so unlike television because the central character undergoes a complete metamorphosis. Where else on television does that happen? I love BREAKING BAD and the show gives me hope that the industry isn’t always stuck in its ways…

Will you be doing any horror conventions before or after the release?

I intend to. Definitely.

If everything goes as planned when can fans expect to see B4TM?

We’ve got a plan for theatrical distribution (stay tuned). But, fans will also be able to stream/download/buy the movie wherever they are used to buying movies.

Anything you would like to say to fans of Wicked Channel and the Fearshop Horror Podcast?

Thank you for your past and continued support! And, please help us get the word out by not only sending people to our Facebook page:, but also telling them to click SUPPORT B4TM to pre-order the movie or something else in our store!

Thanks for giving us some of your time. Best of luck with B4TM!