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Orange County filmmaker’s controversial horror/thriller finds online home

Irvine, CA, October 21, 2011 – Jordanfilm Empirical Pictures, a small production company specializing primarily in HD and 4K video post production, released the company’s first film, the horror short “Kill Devil Hill” as a free online stream.  The film is a re-enactment of one of the most bizarre crimes in history; an unsolved homicide that triggered a bizarre series of murders throughout North Carolina.  “Kill Devil Hill” was named as one of the “Top 20 Horror Films of 2010” by National Horror Examiner, a remarkable achievement considering it was the only short film on the list.

“Kill Devil Hill” follows the Reed family, Jesse (Taylor Graham), his wife Jamie (Melinda Bennett) and their two sons Joey (Aiden Miranda) and James (Hunter Miranda), at the end of a seemingly average day.  Jamie puts the boys to bed for the night, and then heads off to her bedroom.  What starts off as an average evening soon transforms into a horrifyingly nightmarish demonic scenario, one that will leave this average American family in ruin.

The film was written and directed by Robert “Ace” Jordan.  With an estimated budget of only $14,000, Jordan had to wear many hats in order to keep the production costs down.  He says that the visual effects were the most difficult part of making the film since he basically had to learn on the spot.  In spite of budgetary setbacks, the film has received a lot of praise for its production value.  Horrorphilia describes the film as “probably the slickest, cleanest looking short I’ve ever seen.”

Indieflix, Inc, the distributor of the short film, tried repeatedly to feature “Kill Devil Hill” on their Hulu channel but the popular online website refused.  While no official reason was sited, a representative at Indieflix suspected it had to do with a disturbing scene of graphic violence toward the end of the film.  They suggested that Jordan re-cut the scene but he refused stating that, “re-editing the scene dishonors the memories of the real life victims.”

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About Jordanfilm Empirical Pictures

Writer/Director Robert “Ace” Jordan founded Jordanfilm Empirical Pictures in 2005.  The company provides production and post production services throughout the greater Los Angeles area.  Jordan is a digital artist and non-liner video editor, specializing in 4K editing and color grading.  To learn more, visit: