Movie Review-Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

Coming to dvd and blu ray on October 25th

Who would have guessed Wrong Turn in 2003, that came to the theaters and made a little money but became a monster on dvd would have spawned out 2 direct to dvd sequels and now 1 prequel. I am the first to admit, I am a fan of the series. Where the first one was decent enough, the second one was in my top ten for that year. Talk about a direct to dvd sequel that really took the ball and ran with it. Then, came O’Brien’s Left for Dead third one which took the Wrong Turn franchise into a totally different realm. You get convicts against the hillbillies from hell. While it was nowhere close to Part 2, it was not that bad. Now, we get the humble beginnings of our hillbillies. This film begins with our 3 brothers in the Glenville Sanatorium in West Virginia in 1974. While 2 doctors make their rounds, the female loses her hair pin which the brothers use to break out and take over the facility with the other patients. The first 5 minutes of this film are promising. You have nonstop killing and gore. Including a pretty gruesome kill with the doctor and the doors of the cells. Then, we fast-forward to 2003. A group of friends take a trip to a cabin during winter, and sure enough they get lost and make a wrong turn and see the abandoned Sanatorium. To me, a film that is built on fate and peril, you have to enjoy the characters and buy into their struggle. These characters were so boring and just stupid. They had a chance to kill the hillbillies, and they have a moral issue with it at first. They killed 3 of your friends in front of you, and you take issue with killing them..but in twenty minutes you want to kill the hillbillies as fast as you can. It just seemed so silly. And the kills were just silly looking at times. I understand this is small direct to dvd indie and this is fast cash grab, but you almost looked like you did not try. And the ending, was hokey. I mean we all know where it is heading but why not leave it on a awesome note. This ended on such a bad note, that if the other three came out after this..I would never have spent a dime on any of them.
I guess pushing the envelope, you have to do something to get people talking. But, the lesbian overtones in this film were just done to death that you get bored by it. I never seen lesbian scenes that were so unappealing, that were just done to get us talking. ” Oh man, Wrong Turn has full on lesbian action”. It just felt so phony and boring. Every horror film cliche is done to death in this film. I mean, how many of us Wrong Turn fans need to know the beginnings of 3 Finger, Saw Tooth, One Eye and etc, was there like a huge public outpouring for this? Again, in this 93 minute film..there is about 40 minutes that is passable. Esp. the hanging in the auditorium which was a flash of genius. Which makes me mad about this film is that there is some pretty ok stuff but you have to go thru so much to get to it. This is easily the weakest entry into a franchise that I have been very much a fan of.
This is the type of horror film that us fans sort of feel insulted by. That they just start to kill the past with this future. Was this the smartest move to make at this point in the franchise, it is not for me to say. But if it was, ahem….being how part 3 at least started to try and take them out of their environment and gave them some worthy game. instead of innoncent kids, it gave them harden criminals. Why not for part 4, put them against the military, give them people who will put up a fight and know what they are going against. All in all, this film was not so much a letdown as we all know what we are going into, it is just sad that it seems O ‘Brien just wants this film to die, so he decides to try and kill it.
4 out of 10

  • Gachucha

    Bloody beggng is well arted movie if not better.

  • Rebekah Herzberg

    I personally think all the Wrong Turns suck. There are a lot of people in the independent horror industry working on these films and some of them I consider friends. I am not denying their talent, I just didn’t care for the film. A responsible critic tells the truth no matter what. You shouldn’t be put down just because YOU didn’t like the film and they did. Personal taste.

  • Thank you so much, I got so much flack for hating this entry. I am not sure why people love this film…I can see disagreements over certain films..but this one, I think I am dead right. It sucked..and part 5 which is being filmed right now as we speak…with the same team from this one, and the same budget..makes me hope that maybe they learned from this film.

  • tanner

    Yeah i thought the last was very cheesy and predictable 🙁