Movie Review-The Last Circus

Plot-The film starts off in 1937 Spain, told in subtitles..Spain is in the midst of this war, spanish civil war to be exact and they draft a clown to help them in their battle. Armed with a machete to fight in this militia against national soldiers. When he is captured, we learn he has a little boy, and his son tries to free him from the prison and watches his dad die. Now, we fast forward to 1973, and he wants to be a sad clown for a circus and falls in love with the boss’s girlfriend. What a bizarre love triangle.

Review-I remember sitting in my theater ( when I was a manager in 1994) and watching this little art house film I heard nothing about called Pulp Fiction. And, I fell in love again with the movies. It was that film that just grabbed my attention and kept it. Tonight, I watched a film that made me feel that feeling again. The Last Circus is a masterpiece. From the first scene in the film where two clowns are trying to make kids laugh to the last scene in this film, there is not one wasted second. This film is violent, tragic and depressingly funny. When Javier witnesses his dad’s death it changes him, you expect him to be a psycho, but it is quite the different..he becomes a sad pathetic loner whose life has really no meaning till he sees Natalia for the first time, he instantly falls in love and she is dating the boss of the Circus, Sergio. Sergio is a drunk who abuses Natalia and treats everyone in his life like trash. He reminded me of Deniro in Cape Fear. Almost at times, you have no idea what Sergio will do. When a joke about a dead baby is met with people not getting it, he beats Natalia so badly then later forces her to violent sex. While Javier wants her to be happy and wants to protect her. Natalia almost starts playing with Javier’s emotions and his love for her, and they go on a date..and Sergio sees them and beats them both pretty much so, that Javier gets out of the hospital after Sergio almost kills him to pay him back for the beating and to save Natalia, but she does not want to be saved. Javier goes on the run, and goes mad and becomes a animal almost and then one day while running from a wild pig gets captured by a hunter. Where the hunter treats Javier like some dog. All this just begins to turn Javier into something he is not and he loses all grip on reality. While still searching for his lost love feeling she still loves him.

I just know by the end of this film, I never felt so saddened by a ending. Not in a bad way, but in a way that this film kept my attention from its Vertigo ending fight thru its incredible film photography and amazing script. This film is sad, and darkly funny at the same time. You almost never know who to cheer. The film is remarkable. Before tonight, I thought I knew my top ten of 2011..There is no way in hell this film will not be in my top ten and most likely anyone who witnesses it will not feel the same way. This is not a horror film, though it has bloodshed and violence, it is not a sad romantic is more like a very violent 105 minute ride, that you almost wish never stops..this film is way beyond a must. It may be the only film that could top Embodiment of Evil.

10 out of 10