Movie Review-South of Heaven


Coming to home video October 11th


Special Features:

  • Widescreen Anamorphic 1.78:1
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Three Audio Commentaries
  • Three Short Films from Director J.L. Vara



Plot-The first few minutes of this film are in cartoon form. They tell the story about Roy Coop. He finishes his stint in the military and is coming home to see his brother Dale. On orders from the boss, two hit men mistaken Roy for his brother Dale and decide to beat him up for the kidnapping his brother was a part of with his so called accomplice Mad Dog. Well each day they do not get the crime boss’s daughter back, Roy gets beat up more and more. And eventually they burn his face and leave him for dead. From the ashes comes a bandaged man called Nobody, who is now out to find his brother and MadDog.
Review-This film was odd. This is a rare miss for Synapse. Judging by what you see on the cover of the dvd and what the box promises, you do not get any of it, till about the hour mark. What you get is a over saturated very dialogue heavy slow moving want to be Sin City meets Darkman. This almost felt like the Spirit. The only thing that saved this film from being a total waste was a few very well done violent scenes. The scenes where they beat him up were so hokey, and to see his face all swollen up looked like Eric Stoltz in Mask. Roy tried so hard to be emotional, and it came out as just horribly boring. Where you almost wanted the Darkman image he would later morph into to happen sooner. And, when it does happen and he adopts the Nobody persona, it was a wasted opportunity. It tried harder to be artful and Sin City-ish that it lost a chance to really make the story flow and mean something. All those beatings for a 2 minute revenge scene seemed like a waste. And the final showdown which the whole film builds to just seem so underwhelming and they tried to do a smart ending. Where they want you to guess, but it was so obvious that this was heading in that direction, it just felt desperate.
Mad Dog came across as a dumb hillbilly; he did not seem so scary or intimidating. Sure, they show him brutally kill people, and beat up Dale Coop, and an underage girl rape. But, again he did not come across as a badass. And, Dale just seemed like every other nerd in every other film so really nothing new or different. And when he falls in love with Lily, it was just so stupid that you wanted it to end violent or horrible. It felt like an overacted love scene that we have seen in every other loser or nerd film. In the end, art and experimentation in film is always good. But lord some people need to find a direction with it that may appeal to someone, other than themselves.

3 out of 10