Movie Review-Slashers Gone Wild


Coming to home video October 4th
It seems like in the last few years, the word ” indie” has become all the rage. So much so, even the major studios seem to kick that word around so much more now than they did before. I am so sick of reading stuff like “ This is our indie film”. Brain Damge films has been around for a long time, and like other indie studios  Asylum, and Chemical Burn get such a bad rap even when they do not deserve it. In the last year or so, I been noticing a trend in Brain Damage and that they are starting to put out films that can go head to head with the million dollar horror films and give them a run for the money. Slashers Gone Wild, is one of those films. I am not going to tell you it is a classic or a masterpiece, but I am going to tell you it was better than I thought it would be. A lot so. This film starts off with a reporter Jessica Peters ( played by beautiful singer Tiffany Apan) she is investigating a website called Slashers gone wild. I guess it is a pay website, on this website  you can watch psychotic killers hack and mutilate an endless number of people they deem as litterbugs, for their crusade is cleaning up the environment. Hosted by Alicia who is also the CEO of this company. Alicia introduces us to a contest on who will be Slasher of the Year. This is mainly what the film is about..the three contestants. You get her co host somewhat Rob Thrasher, who is a hockey wearing talk show host who has segments called Watch the Bitch Bleed, and how to saw a leg off properly. And on his talk show, he interviews people and one of the people who was supposed to be a serial killer, turned out to be a serial reader. So you see, what kind of humor this film has. Then we have the 3 contestants, one is called Nursery Rhyme Jack. Who goes indebt about how to eat and kill a squirrel, and then goes on a cannibal kick and kills humans and calls them squirrel meat. This was hard for me. I am all about gore, but I felt that him going on and on about killing a squirrel and what he does with it, just was plain gross not in a good way or bad way, but just plain gross. Number two was Truth or Dare with Rob and the Murder Twins. I really had fun with this one. The Murder Twins were two goth girls who were good eye candy. Did I say, all the women in this film were good eye candy. Give Brain Damage a lot of credit, whether you like the gore, the script or the budget..they never have a shortage of hot women who at least appeal to a male audience in terms of just standing and smiling and us not really caring anymore about stuff like acting or skills. Well, at least some of the time. The 3rd contestant was Kevin Tooler, which was just bizarre and really a good laugh or two. He was a victim of Rob Thrasher and lived. Then, Rob killed one of his sisters. While Kevin by mistake killed the other. This segment was just so insanely cheesy that you have to just watch it and accept it for what it is.
This film to me may appeal to some of you guys. And some of you will say that this is why you are not fans of low budget indie films. But, how many of you go see a hollywood horror film and hate it, but will see the next ones they kick out. So why judge all indie films on that one film you saw so many years ago that was this or that, or for that matter why blame brain damage cause they made that one film a long time back that you may have not liked.  So, this may be the one little indie film that may make you at least have some fun watching it. I mean there is no shortage of blood and gore, and just cheesy dialogue and almost every wink they could give you as a horror fan that they are fans as well.
Would I watch this film again, most likely I glad I got to watch it..sure, it was a good little nod to horror. I say, you guys may want to watch it and not to take it serious and just have fun. That is what cinema is about.
7 out of 10