Movie Review-Scalene


Coming out this tuesday  on both dvd and blu ray
Plot-This film is told thru the eyes of its 3 central characters, Janice, her mentally challenged son Jakob and the babysitter Paige. Paige is a college student who we learn was raped by Jakob, this film is three sides to what led to this horrible act and what happened afterward.
Review-You ever watch a film and just think to yourself, if only…If this film was distributed by a major like Fox Searchlight or Warner’s indie branches, there would be so much oscar buzz. You know watching this film that indie film has grown up, that they no longer cheap rip offs of major pictures and that what they lack on this or that they find ways to make up for it. This film, you will not be able to turn away from. And kudos to Zach Parker on giving his audience credit and not having to over explain things to us that some directors feel they need to do. This film is bleak. And come oscar time, the three main characters should be on oscar ballot. Esp. Adam Scarimbolo who plays Jakob. There is no one alive who can watch this film and not be moved by the portrayal. But, not to feel like second banana, Janice played by Margo Martindale, gives you a role that you almost think you are watching a documentary. She makes you feel like you are living thru her pain, her crisis, and the choices she has to make. And kudos to Zach, on how he captured her in certain scenes and moments. That you just sit there and look in her eyes and you are wondering, god what else could she be going thru. This is a good example of the old saying ” god does not give you more than you can handle”. She has the weight of the world on her back thru 90 percent of the film, and from the scenes that she defends her son, and other times she is verbally frustrated at her situation and takes it out on Jakob. And then Paige played by Hanna Hall is the icing on the cake. It is like you see the warning signs of what is going to happen to all involved and she keeps you from turning away with her innocent prescience and charm. And thank god for all involved this film did not try to cheapen it, or for a lack of a better term..hollywood it. This film is a trip thru the downward spiral of human ethics and pain.
While this film has flaws, some of which are minor. I just felt like when Charles, Janice boyfriend was hanging out with her and Jakob that the scene was flat. And the whole character of Charles, was nothing more than filler. His ten minutes in this film was just not that appealing to me. And while I love the different points of view, I just felt they should have told more of the back-story of Jakob besides the two minute scene in which he was with his friends and the condition started. I would have loved to see more of the family’s first dealing with this condition and how Jakob would react to not being able to talk and his condition or to show his past with other babysitters. While this film touches on a lot of topics that can divide a audience and makes others feel uncomfortable, I felt that made the film so strong and gripping. There are a lot of things hinted in this film, and that makes you think how common is this with challenged kids in families that may not be ready for their sons or daughters to have this life.
I mean thru hollywood and indie history, roles like Jakob’s were launching pads. Look at  what Hanks did in Gump, and films like The Lookout, this is one of those of films that you just know watching it, you are witnessing a few careers launching. This film deserves oscar praise. Paging Roger Ebert…Scalene is for real, and Zach Parker has just made the first true indie oscar contender of 2011.
8 out of 10