Movie Review-Savage


Plot-This is yet another Bigfoot gone wild film. A fire we are told has spread thru Bear Valley National Park. ( even though we see barely any smoke or fire after the first twenty seconds of the start) Out of this fire, we have sasquatch, bigfoot, tall actor is a ape suit whatever the case may be going crazy and killing people. For a forest fire gone so out of control, we seem to have a lot of people in the woods just chilling, or fishing and most of all becoming the new prey for our hairy chewbacca- esque killer. Or better yet, if you ever watched Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and Dream Child Part 5 and said…” gee, whatever happened to Lisa Wilcox the woman who played Alice”. This film will show you, as she acts her way thru about 8 minutes of dialogue and looks as happy to be in this film as Erin Grey did in Friday the 13th part 9. Also it stars actress on the rise Anna Enger.


Review-I give passes to certain things in films. I try to like everything. Some people say I am too easy on certain films and others say I am too hard. All I know is honestly.. this film is horrible. How I managed not to shut it off and watch it all the way thru is a miracle. Why is it so hard for people to shoot a film about Bigfoot and at least make it fun. I thank Jaws for a lot of the new thinking in indie films. You hint at the monster and give people a glance from a far. And then, about 45 minutes in, you show them the creature. At least with Jaws, it had the great acting and the suspense and drama. This film is lazy. In the first two minutes of the film. We see a fireman run away from something that he says killed all his crew, we do get to see a arm pick someone up from a tree. Like Predator style. He runs to the road and a cop sees him, what timing and once inside the police vechicle, they both are killed. From there, we get about ten side stories. From a cop who harasses a couple about coffee and fishing, in a long long ten minute talk about coffee. No lie. To see Anna Enger, try to act is like seeing a sock puppet do porn. She plays Gabrielle, and her husband who looks like Henry Rollins with Down Syndrome is Richard. We find out they are on the run for some crimes in Atlanta. When you hear about the crimes, they are really asking for us to believe a lot of things. That is all I will say. Owen is our main officer, and oh lord..he makes Barney from Andy Griffin look like Einstein. And he talks to a voice on his radio named Mary. Oh lord, you talk about bad bad voiceovers. Gabrielle sees a eye in a lake, it looks like tomato soup with a golf ball in low budget was this film is not the case, what they did with their budget is. They could afford amazing f/x like watching Bigfoot run and jump but could not give us realistic blood. I was joking about the amazing f/x, the scenes with bigfoot chasing a woman thru the woods you know she will fall and will find someone who is as clueless as she is and together they will try to be actors and read off a script and make it realistic. Lisa Wilcox was probably blackmailed to do this film. And, instead of letting the woman be..they had to throw in a cruel comment about her weight…” I am pregnant” she says at the weirdest moment in the film that has nothing to do with anything.  Let the woman be overweight, who gives a fuck she is fucking Lisa Wilcox…why does she have to lie about her weight gain over the years, she is a legend to a lot of fans that just love she is working.  Though, overweight she still is beautiful and has talent. Too bad, this film made her look foolish. And the other side story about monster hunter Jack and his first encounter with the beast…omg how laugh out loud pathetic.


1 out of 10