Movie Review-Psycho Sleepover


Coming to home video in November

Plot-After murdering her boyfriend who decided that since his girlfriend did not want to hook him up with head he would dress as a clown and try to butcher her. A year passes, and three of her friends at school invite her over for a sleepover and as fate would have it, somehow the inmates at the asylum escape the same night. All of this and it is a Troma release.

Review-This film starts off with Carl and Debbie doing some eskimo kissing. Well, Carl wants to take it further. Debbie informs us she is 15 and he is 18, and that no means no. Well, Carl after some over the top dialogue that I would strongly suggest no one ever use on a underage girl, he decides to dress up like a clown and try to kill her. Well, the tables turn and she kills him. A year passes by, and she meets some friends at school who inform her they are having a sleepover and want her to come, so they can help her find a new man. So she accepts. And when she goes home, finds out her mom hired a shrink to see if she is ok. Well, the shrink hits on her while the mom hits on the shrink. The shrink gives Debbie his number to call him if no boys show up at the sleepover. Well, at the sleepover the girls decide to call the shrink and give him a fake address. Well, it so happens the patients escape the facility as well. All dressed up in costumes. We find out that not only was Debbie’s ex bf a killer, but her father was as well. And, then we find out that this sleepover, that the girls throwing it are psychos as well. This film is non stop, it is like a adrenaline rush, if you do not have a good time with this film, you do not have a pulse. There is something in this film for everyone. Well, almost. Let me rephrase this, if you are a gorehound, pervert or a fan of old school Troma, which could all be linked together, this film is a blessing in disguise. Esp. after the last few films that Troma put their names on. This with the other Troma throwback feel film Klown Kamp Massacre, give me hope that Troma can keep independent film going another decade or two. This film, I will say this what a daring and  ballsy script and how in the hell did the actors remain straight faced thru some of those exchanges. And that ending, the way a Troma film should end. As you can see I am going to give this a high ranking so why keep on telling you about this film and spoil the fun of it.  So all you old school Troma fans who miss the day of the original Toxic Avenger and Tromeo and Juliet…they are back. This is pure unapologetic offensive great Troma stuff.

8.5 out of 10