Movie Review-Not Another B Movie

Coming to dvd on Nov 8th

Listen to this line up…David Faustino ( Bud Bundy), Ed Asner, Reggie Bannistar, Erin Moran (Joanie) and etc. I mean on paper this just looks like a fun little camp ode to horror. I mean the title alone, how many ” not another” films do we truly need? ( watch in a week, I will have another review for something else with that in the title) I mean, look at the cover of this dvd got a hot woman, and the label troma. It is almost like the good angel and bad angel on the shoulder scenario. Let’s get to this film. David Faustino’s life must suck bad right now. He is right up there with the Darcy’s, as the ones from Married with Children that did not take the next step in their career. When I saw his name on the film box, I had to see what this guy has been up to since what 1989? And to tell you the truth, not a damn thing. This film shows why, Kelly, Al, and Peggy made stars out of themselves and he failed. I am not sure if I should call this a film, it felt like a lot of unfinished ideas that were thrown together just to put out a product. The story (?) involves three people sitting around a table, the whole time they are there they are being bugged by the waitress who says she is an actress and wants a audition. The film is them discussing scenes from this and that, which I wish I could be more clear, but this film escaped me after the 20 minute mark and I felt that the film was just so incomplete, that the more I did try to follow it, the more confusing it got.

The sad part, Troma has been on a little roll as of late with some of it’s titles, and they throw this at us. And yes, Lloyd Kaufman has a small role in this film as well. No offense, and I am a troma fan for the most part, but come on Lloyd do you have to be in every troma film? As a whole, I can truly say this is not the worst film I seen this year..there are about 30 above it..but this is definately a very bad film that would bore the common viewer and confuse the most die hard fan of troma within seconds.

1 out of 10