Movie Review-Murderabilia

31 minutes

directed by David Matthews

Plot-A compulsive collector searches for a belt that was worn during the brutal murder of a young woman. The journey leads him to a reclusive online vendor–a man whose unexpected offer forces the collector to confront the nature of his obsession.

Review-This short felt like a tv pilot. Almost like a stage play. It is basically the story of a collector who is obsessed with the murder that was committed by Gordon Whims. The film starts with the collector who goes to the prison to interview Gordon, who goes in detail almost Silence of the Lambs-ish about the murder he committed. And the collector who is obsessed with the belt he used to kill the young lady, so much so, that you almost feel he is giddy just to know it exists. The conversation between the two goes on for about 8 to 9 minutes. Not too bad, but at times the conversation just felt like..I don’t maybe why not give us some imagery or something to whet our appetite. It was just so much talk and no show. Then, our collector on his hunt ends up at Second Revolution Collectables. And the owner is just as nuts as the collector. You get the feeling both of these guys would not do well in a public outing. Well, from there the film is just about what the store owner collects himself..from his Richard room, which has stuff from all the serial killers named Richard to one more thing that the collector did not know about, which really shows us this guy is just a fucking looney himself. This film is basically a 3 man play, and depending on how you get into the story would be the test if this is a film for you. This is just a long winded, too much detail spoken word film into the realm of a fascination of a serial killer and his murder and how he can get all the collectables from this act. I thought it was not too bad, but the ending was odd and really added a new element into this if it becomes a feature film which if it does, I hope is more visual and less spoken.

6.5 out of 10