Movie Review-More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead

Special Features:

•Making Of Featurette: Return Of The Living Dead Part 2
•Making Of Featurette: Return Of The Living Dead Part 3
•Dan O’Bannon’s Final Interview
•Filming Locations Featurette
•Stacey Q Live! Exclusive Tonight Music Video
•They Won’t Stay Dead: A Look At Return Of The Living Dead Part 2
•Love Beyond the Grave: A Look At Return Of The Living Dead Part 3
•Even More Brains: Deleted Documentary Interviews
•Return Of The Living Dead In 3 Minutes
•O-Sleeve Packaging
•And More!

Did you know Tobe Hooper was the first pick to direct Return of the Living Dead? They originally wanted to cast Leslie Neilsen in this film as well. Do these facts interest you..then this documentary is for you. When you say the word..documentary, you think of Michael Moore, or some foreign oscar winner..but in the last few years, horror started putting out more and more documentaries. With last year bringing us that masterpiece Never Sleep Again, it showed both studios and film directors, that if it is quality fans will eat it up. Like Never Sleep Again, More Brains has many perspectives, from stars, to people who worked on the set. At times some of the talk is very open and way too honest. Especially when it came to a few of the co stars about working with Jewel Shepard. And her rebuttals made her look worst than the comments.

This documentary takes us back to July 9, 1984..and the legal battle with George Romero about the title to the film..thru the auditions and the backing of Tom Fox. And Orion films. ( god who does not miss Orion films..F/X, Robo Cop, Rambo and etc…so many awesome films) It chronicles Dan O Bannon and how he was to work with, and the hell he put his crew thru. At times, the set was like a war zone. And it also talks about all the taboos the film broke, Linnea shaving and having to put a plug in her vagina to look like a barbie. Talking zombies, running zombies…and the famous line ” send more paramedics”. But, there was a line in this film ” we had 4 million dollars, and a 6 week shoot..we were truly indie”. This is such a misconception. 4 million dollars is not indie. This goes on for about close to 2 hours..then we get to the special features…I mean for this film, you need to watch the other 2 30 minute documentaries as well. First off, the second film is awful and the documentary does not mince any words, it tears apart the film pretty well. And the problems that went into working on that film..but it is part 3 I want to talk about. Melinda Clark, is the one person I had to see would have the hole to do this. I mean, she was on Hell’s Kitchen, and plays a regular role on Vampire Diaries, but she had to be the Patricia Arquette and think she is too good to do this for the fans. So I thought put her picture at the end of this, since she is so ashamed of should be least you were not in 4 or 5…I would have loved to see them talking about those..what about some Rave to the Grave love. As a whole, this is a horror film geek’s love letter. I loved it from start to finish, and I would recommend all of you to give this a shot. Though, no offense..Never Sleep Again is still better.

8 out of 10