Movie Review-Miramax Wes Craven Series

Plot-So what is the Wes Craven Series you may ask..I am here to tell you…It is 3 Dracula films and They.


They-A psychology student who experiences these co called “night terrors” as a child must face the truth, that her nightmares were not all in her head. And when she finds others who shared similar experiences, together they discover the most frightening truth of all that being the monsters in their closets marked them as children and are now returning to collect them.

As a whole this film just felt so uninspired, they really never go into detail as to who or what the so called ” They” are, but want you to buy into this story. We all have children fears of the dark, under your bed and etc..but how many films just take that premise and it is easy to make it work, and fail miserably. As a whole, this is one of those Wes Craven present films that pop up monthly and you know what to expect. ( My Soul to take for instance) I would say skip it as a whole, but who knows..just because I dislike something, you may like it. Hell knows, I hate all things Paranormal Activity and Avatar and they made billions. What do I know?

3.5 out of 10

Dracula 2000-When a team of thieves breaks into a high-security vault, they don’t discover priceless artwork … they find a crypt that hasn’t been opened for 100 years! Suddenly, the ancient terror of Dracula is unleashed…

How fast things change, I remember going to the movies to see this, because they filmed a few scenes in New Orleans and we were told when we were there, ” oh boy you guys are horror fans..wait till you see this film it delivers”…Where Gerard Butler was like one of the last names in the original film, now he is top billing. As a whole, the film is not as bad as it could have been. Omar Epps and Jeri Ryan save the film somewhat from going completely into the toilet. The script and acting in this film is a little above normal, and there are some ok moments. To watch it again on dvd this week, I liked it a little more than I originally did in early 2000. I mean, the first half hour is so awful, but it picked up towards the end and finished ok.

5.5 out of 10

Dracula II-Ascension- is the 3 year later sequel that takes place right after the first film.. about a group of medical students who come across the body of Dracula! When a mysterious stranger appears and offers the students $30 million to harvest the body and steal its blood for auction, it’s an offer they can hardly refuse.

This was the direct to dvd sequel to Dracula 2000, but I had a good time with this a lot more on its smaller budget then part one on its huge budget. The cast alone, Craig Sheffer, Jason Scott Lee, Roy Scheider and Jason London were so campy in this film that it felt more like a prequel to Part 3 then the sequel to the first. This film just was non stop fun. Sure it drags at times, and some of the dialogue is bad, but it is so beyond cheese, that I have to recommend it.

7 out of 10

Dracula III-Legacy-Picking up where two left off. Jason Scott Lee is back as the vampire hunter out to stop dracula and along for the ride are most of the cast of the last one and Rutger Hauer.

This was done in 2005 when Blade was winding down on its trilogy and failed tv show. Vampires seem to have hot streaks and cold streaks. I have seen in my existence, the craze come and go just as much as zombies. This film again a direct to dvd sequel is not bad, but with all the other vampire, dracula, bloodsucking films..this just feels like overkill. If any of these films were 2011 releases on the box office they would come and go so quick and fans would not care. A good example is 30 days of night. I remember opening night at a movie theater me and my wife went to, there were 4 people. But, Twilight’s opening night was 40 million world wide. People want glamorous vampires, they do not want horror or blood..they want sex appeal. As a whole, this whole set is hit and miss..but for the price it is worth buying just to say you have it. I mean the quality of all 4 films is spot on and for fans like me that have seen so many films, it is good to catch up on some that I may have missed…and films like this, I am torn on but I will say for what it is not as bad as Dracula 2000 or They.

6 out of 10

As a whole, I would say Echo Bridge has put out a hit and miss little pack here, but if you are curious, or a Gerard Butler fan and never seen the Dracula trilogy, it may be worth it just to watch it one time and endure They