Movie Review-Machete Maidens Unleashed

Coming to home video November 1st

Plot-This documentary is about the Philippines film making experience of the 60’s and 70’s as it was a dreamland for exploitation filmmakers. In the same vein as American Grindhouse, this film explores the history of cheap exploitation film making as it was going on in the jungles of the Philippines.

Review-Like American Grindhouse, my negatives do not reflect the material on the is the stuff that is not on the dvd. I think after docs like Never Sleep Again, and More Brains, I have become spoiled to long covers all the bases documentaries. Not that this was bad, cause it was not even close to being bad or boring. It was an exciting and fun 90 minutes, the thing was it just felt incomplete. To hear Landis, Corman, Pam Grier, Sid Haig, and etc tell these little short stories about sets and working on just felt like they were giving us cliff notes. Like they are being told, ok all they want is to touch on these points and nothing else, and that was the negative to me. I wanted to hear longer stories and more in debt about the time in the Philippines. There was one part of the doc. that they started talking about the early 70’s and the martial law that was going on and curfews, and I would have loved to hear a lot more about that.

This film is labeled as the untold story about the Philippines and the cheap 5 dollar a day labor they used and the jungle scenes that were shown in a ton of films in that era of film making. But, along the way it turned into a film more about female exploitation. Trying to make drive in horror films with paper monsters, and the 3 b’s. Breasts, beasts and blood…And something I never knew that New World Pictures and Corman were the kings on cashing in on it. Corman shares stories about his remorse at first till he saw the profit he made and said that quickly he swallowed his pride. To me in the 80’s New World Pictures were quite easily the best indie studio. ( Hellraiser one and two, Tuff Turf, Angel, Night Patrol, The Stuff, Wanted dead of alive..and etc…)They share stories about their fascination with nurse films, prison films and taking a pregnant woman and putting her in quicksand for a scene to work. From the stories of the fascist dictatorship on film they rallied against to the ones that were present when filming to Judy Brown sharing stories about the sets they worked on and things going on during filming. This is a must see, but again..I wish it was longer, and shared more stories about things that they only touched on briefly. If you liked American Grindhouse, this film should be on your list to watch asap. All in all, a good enough documentary to have a few laughs and enjoy.

7.5 out of 10