Movie Review-Kenneyville


Coming to dvd on October 11th

Plot-Kenneyville is this small little town that major things are happening in. When Kim from Toranto goes missing, two private dectectives are hired to go to Kenneyville and try to find her and bring her back. The second our two detectives go to Kenneyville, they meet some locals and one of the detectives is abducted and the other one is now out to find both her and Kim. What he starts to uncover about what is going on in Kenneyville, he realizes that there is no turning back.

Review-This film starts off easily enough, Meghan and Patrick are on the case of a missing girl named Kim, and they go to this small town called Kenneyville. When they hit the city limits, they get out of their vehicle and walk up the road and meet some locals. And right from the get go, you just know there is some stuff going down but cannot put your finger on who is who in this puzzle. The agents try to act like they are two hikers and the locals take them in and Meghan gets abducted. Now, the film changes. No longer does Patrick think about Kim, he is out to get his co worker, maybe girlfriend. He learns that whatever is going down, it is bigger than he thought and more people are involved in it. We get to meet Adrian Black who is a scientist who is experimenting on women as sex slaves thru brainwashing, or is he? This film does not give you everything in one scene. It builds the film up to keep your attention.

While this film is not boring, to it’s credit it keeps your attention even during the slow scenes. But, after the last scene and the end credits hit, you just wonder why you watched it. It made a lot of promises with the material and pacing, that in the end it took sort of the cheap way out. The ending was anti climatic and severly a letdown. This film was like a rubber band it just kept stretching and stretching and had your attention wanting to know where the story was heading and what would happen with this character and then the ending was just blah..Now, I am supposed to give this film a pass because it has my girl in it, Saffron Cassaday in a few minutes. But, even she could not make up for its shortcomings. The funny thing is what would I think if I rewatched it knowing the way it all ends, would it change what I thought about and keep my attention again. And the sad part is..yes. This film has some good acting, and a half way decent script and really builds on the suspense.
In the end, it was a ok attempt and who knows maybe Brooks Hunter this being his first full length movie, may take some of my words to heart and show me in his next film. Here is hoping to that…in closing, Saffron Cassaday a year plus  later since I did my interview, I still feel she is going to be huge.
5.5 out of 10