Movie Review-Higanjima: Escape From Vampire Island

Plot-Akira and his friends enter a island that is on no map on the shores of Higanjima, an island that’s overrun by vampires.
After learning that his missing brother might be somewhere on the island, Akira leads his friends on a blood filled journey.

Review-When I see Funimation on any envelope in my mailbox, I am always knowing something fucking bizarre will be in there. From Robo Geisha, Vampire Girl, Alien vs Ninja and now this. At a running time of a minute or two over 2 hours, this is a different beast than past efforts. This one is more story based, and before you roll your eyes and say you wont watch it, trust me they give you the blood pouring like faucets, and the gore you are all accustomed to. But, it is almost like they have matured as well. The film starts off with Akira being chased down the road by some guys from school(?) and when a young woman helps him escape he learns she knows something about his missing brother. Before long, vampires are coming looking for Rei, and she tells Akira and his friends about Higanjima and the vampire residents. Well, before long Akira and his friends want to go and rescue Akira’s brother. Well, once there..things change as Rei set Akira and his crew up and get them captured and caged by the vampires. To me, this film went by fast. And that is always a good sign that I enjoyed something. I mean, you have the weirdness of films like Robo Geisha and Alien vs Ninja with the human bats that kidnap Akira’s girlfriend and the Gargoyle for the big battle scene.

As a whole, I did enjoy this film a lot more than the last few efforts..just for the pure silliness of the film. While it tries to take itself serious and give us acting, it still comes across as anime cheese and that is not a bad thing. And along the way, Akira finds his brother and learns from the resistance master how to defeat vampires. It is such a knock on films like Jason and the Argonauts and Star Wars that you have to sit there and say, ” how ballsy to take a serious approach to it and not play it for laughs”. There is still nonstop killing by swords, by weapons of anything imaginable and also the neat devices that we all grown accustomed to..this time a hand that is a sword.

All in all, this is good is always good to see Funimation branch out with their style and I am dying to see where the next film takes us.

8 out of 10