Movie Review-Bugbaby

16 minutes
directed by Rebecca Lorenne Doppelt

Inspired by a lot of bad sci fi 50’s fare, Bugbaby is about the Gregory’s. They are just your normal everyday family except they have a bugbaby named Sammy. Social Worker Mink Stole comes over to determine if they are fit parents. The whole short basically centers around a coffee table discussion about how fit the parents are. And, the dialogue and look of the film was basically out of Leave it to Beaver meets every early morning sci fi film from the 50’s. This 16 minute short was fun. It was tongue and cheek and very dark at times. Mink Stole is the icing on the cake. Now, you only see thru the bugbaby’s eyes, you never get to see the baby, but there is some fun little blood scenes that were ok. My gripe, this film really was way too short, excuse my pun, by the time the film started to really get going, it ended. The dialogue was first rate, the characters were fun for what they were, and the premise as insane as it sounds, works. But, this felt like a movie trailer to something bigger. It was almost like Cry Baby meets The Fly. I would say give this a shot..It is harmless fun for the whole family..

7 out of 10