Movie Review-Antfarm Dickhole



Coming to dvd on November 22nd..just in time for Thanksgiving


Plot-If you are not familiar with Bill Zebub, expect the unexpected and downright insane. From Dolla Morte and all its controversy now to Antfarm Dickhole. Which if I tell you the plot, you will either laugh or think that this concept is so odd and different, you may want to just check it out to see if it could work. I mean the cover art alone could offend quite a few people, the content of the film….It is about a guy who is sort of a push over, wimp whatever you want to call him..well he finds out he has ants in his body and boy is this a great family film for all the kids to enjoy. Teach the kids about the birds, bees and the ants.


Review-This is that film that you turn on and get about ten minutes in and you think to yourself, ” this film is just odd “.  Of all the films I have blogged about in 14 months which covers a lot of films, this one is the winner of WTF was this about award, and the sad part..I did not even seem to care and had a blast with the film and it’s subject matter. And what is worst, is I am going to be giving it a good review. With Bill Zebub and the few films of his I have witnessed so far, either you are going to be very offended or you are going to be very opinionated whether positive or negative. And for that, Bill does his job. He creates films that some people will say ” this is smut” and some will say ” this is art”. I mean, if you are into heavy metal, and seeing hot women nude, and giving blow jobs to a dildo..this film will be your joy. The ant scenes were so phony and hokey, that they were funny as hell. And the facial reactions, sold the scenes very well. Plus, you got one of the Miss America girls in it..Lauren Graham and you have also Jessica Mazo. Seriously does a plot really matter, those girls could read the phone book in a bra and panties and it could be up for a oscar.

Like Dolla Morte, this film is a very acquired taste, where most critics will insult it and tell you they are so above it. But, will praise the done to death hollywood formula shit.. that films like this are anti of. Is this film the second coming…no. Is it rewatchable, of course, it has enough comic element and just downright offensive scenes that Richard Kern himself would praise this film as he is also one of those pioneers that critics one time damned and said..” he is nothing more than a smut director, women masturbating, dildos, sewn up vaginas, Lydia Lunch blowing Henry Rollins full on..what talent is that”. And now, today they are praising him as some kind of pioneer. No offense, I think Bill Zebub like him or hate him, and I have heard both sides of the coin on that discussion, I give him credit for being ballsy enough to follow his heart and try to make a film to get people talking. Whereas a film like Dolla Morte was controversial and crossed a lot of boundaries, Antfarm is making 70’s sleaze hip again. Mike Nastri while he was annoying, his reactions and just agreeing to do this film alone, he deserves a lot of credit. Love the film’s soundtrack, which made some of the scenes that much more fun. Though, I am still holding out for the Dolla Morte soundtrack. All in all, for all you fans who want something odd and different to cling on to and claim as yours, this film is right up your alley.


7 out of 10