Movie Review-Adventures in Pornoland

Currently available on dvd, and streaming on netflix…

I can remember when porn and most importantly porno were bad words. People knew they existed, but no one ever talked about them. In the last 20 plus years, porn stars have been more and more predominant in mainstream movies and tv shows. ( if you count Samantha Fox and a few others, music stars as well) Now, it seems that mainstream films toy around with the idea of putting non porn actors in a mock porn setting and making it believable. Case in point, Adventures in Pornoland, which centers around Ethan who is a canadian tv director and he wants to make it in hollywood. He goes thru the same struggles that plague hollywood and even yours and my city as well, and that is he cannot find work. So out of his frustration and depression he decides to take a job in the porn industry. And he is engaged, and becomes more and more obsessed with the porno community and industry, and you can guess..his woman does not appreciate it. And this film is about trying to live your dream, and when you it worth what you give up.

This stars real porn stars, and mock ones. And, there is no porn action. So do not think watching this you will see full penetration or any open holes or for you females who read this, no penis. This film was just bland, and so unfunny that you really wonder who is this film supposed to be catering to. I mean porn fans will be bored by it immediately and unless they are die hard fans of Ron Jeremy, Lisa Marie or any of the other stars, why even bother. And non porn fans will not even watch it. It is just basically watered down cinemax skin flick with a lot of lifetime script. No offense, my wife and me been together for 9 years, if I told her tonight, hey honey I am going to be working on a porn. That may not get over so well. I could have a fistful of 50’s and tell her we will be rich, and it still would not get me out of the jam. But, in this film, she understands in the beginning, and then changes her mind when he gets further into it. And he is to blame? My god, you let him do it in the first place live with the consequences.

At the end of the day, I have to think of the target audience of this film to recommend it to, um….this may be the film to give that uncle or older cousin who just seems creepy and you want to see if they would watch this, just for the pervert factor. And this is from one of the guy who was a assistant producer on the Annabel Chong story…oh wow, there goes that whatever happened to question I had.

This film just do not bother at all.