Metal Review – Taake – Noregs Vaapen (2011)

Taake - Noregs VaapenHøst is another one of those black metal musicians who, despite his antics, really is a brilliant musician. With his latest release, Noregs Vaapen, he takes Taake to a new level, but not one altogether different than where the band has been before.

Noregs Vaapen is not your typical black metal release by any stretch of the imagination. Taake gives you the classic black metal sound that you are quite used to, but is able to inject some other genres of metal and rock into the songs which bring the band to an entirely different level.

I am sure that a lot of black metal purists will not be able to forgive Taake from going away from the typical black metal sound, but sometimes, a certain level of progressiveness can go a long way into making an album succeed where it would otherwise fail.

Outside of the genres outside of black metal, first and foremost, this is a black metal release. Make no mistake about that in any way. The frostbitten tones and icy lyrics are still there. The riffs are bleeding black metal with every song. I do not want to give the impression that this is anything but black metal because it truly is.

Overall, this is quickly becoming one of my top black metal albums of the year. The chaos that fills this brief album will have you screaming for more.