Metal Review – Saligia – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (2011)

Saligia - Sic Transit Gloria MundiNorwegian Black Metal band Saligia has released their latest opus, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, back in the end of September and it is always nice to get your Norwegian Black Metal fix every once in a while.

From the opening track, Casus Gloria, you know that you are in for a treat. This track has the classic black metal feel with some nice tempo transformations throughout. The next track, Sar Ha-Olam, just has one of the coolest openings that I have heard in a while. It is a straight-on droning riff that you cannot help but bang your head to. The opening is intense and leads straight into Ahzari’s classic vocals.

Womb Caverns clocks in at over seven minutes and is the longest track on the album. Womb Caverns captures that raw, classic black metal feel perfectly, although I find myself to be more of a fan of their distinctive sound that just a carbon copy of other black metal bands. I would have liked for them to stick with the same approach to this track that they did for the two previous tracks. The same pattern follows for the next few following songs as well.

Overall, I am still very much into Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, but it seems to have the best to offer from the first few tracks. I will have to say that it is solid the whole way through though. While it will not make my top ten list for the year, this one is no slouch by any stretch of the imagination.

UK-based label Barghest has set a target date of September 21st for a vinyl LP release of Sic Transit Gloria Mundi from Norwegian Black Metal band SALIGIA. For devotees of occult-inspired black metal, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (Thus Passes Worldly Glory) offers up seven burning visions of the journey towards enlightenment, the first steps on the path to find one’s True Will, and to follow that Will.

The work of members Ahzari (vocals, guitar, lyricist, composer) and Malach Adonai (drums, lyrics – also drummer for black metal band Dødsengel), SALIGIA’s Sic Transit Gloria Mundi is the quintessence of Barghest’s mission to release uncompromising, non-commercial black metal and to support talented modern bands with something more artistic to offer than mere technical ability.

The album was mastered by Kark (of Kark Mastering), who has also mastered releases for underground black metal bands such as Min Kniv, Castrum Doloris, Dødsengeland Tomhet (Sweden).

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi Track Listing:
1. Casus Gloria
2. Sar Ha-Olam
3. Womb Caverns
4. Orb of Flesh
5. Shed Old Skin
6. Blood Staineth
7. Upon the Altar

SALIGIA started to manifest in the late shadows of 2006, as a vessel to explore and expand upon thoughts and images within and around its founder member, Ahzari. SALIGIA’s vision is to be ever-growing and ever-expanding in all ways, and there shall be no limit or constraint that is not of its members’ Will. A temporary constellation of Ahzari and a drummer recorded two rehearsal demos, titled simply Rehearsal ’07 and Seven. In late 2008, Malach Adonai stepped up on drums, and the rehearsals and finishing touches for SALIGIA’s debut album Sïc Transit Glöria Mundï commenced.