Metal Review – Nightbringer – Hierophany of the Open Grave (2011)

Nightbringer - Hierophany of the Open GraveHailing from the icy caps of Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, comes black metal band Nightbringer. Okay, so that is a bit of a stretch, but anyway, Nightbringer is a pretty solid black metal band and their latest effort, Hierophany of the Open Grave, is an album that you should take notice of.

This one is not your momma’s black metal band that reminds you of classic black metal, but a lot of what they bring to the table does hearken back to some of the classic black metal bands that we have become accustomed to. They also are able to infuse some of their own stylings to make their latest efforts a feast for the ears.

Black metal fans, you have been warned of this release, so check it out.

NIGHTBRINGER was created as a conduit for contemplations on the mysteries of death as it is understood in the tradition of the art magical. Formed in the year 1999 by Nox Corvus (guitars, percussion and vocals) and Naas Alcameth (guitars and vocals), the band from Colorado in the United States chose orthodox Black Metal as the basis of their artistic expression. Conjuring up unholy sounds that draw from the blackest sources ranging from the majestic elegance of early EMPEROR to the fierce aggression of MARDUK, their third full-length “Hierophany of the Open Grave” gives rise to a mighty demon. Strings are screaming frosty hymns burning with bitter buzzing melodies, over which deviously arranged multilayered vocals are hissing incantations and spew forth throat-grinding blasphemies. NIGHTBRINGER are holding up the traditions of second generation Black Metal, while adding their own unique sound. After unleashing several demos and split releases between 2001 and 2006, their debut album “Death and the Black Work”  darkened the light of the world in 2008. A second album followed two years later with “Apocalypse Sun”. Rising fast from the underground, NIGHTBRINGER found themselves opening for major acts of the scene such as WATAIN, KRIEG and PROFANATICA. Now “Hierophany of the Open Grave” features guest contributions by Ar-Ra’d al-Iblis (of ACRIMONIOUS and MORBID INSULTER fame). Discover the new American darkness!

Hierophany of the Open Grave Track Listing:
1. Rite of the Slaying Tongue
2. Eater of the Black Lead
3. Psychagogoi
4. Lucifer Trismegistus
5. The Gnosis of Inhumation
6. The Angel of Smokeless Fire
7. Dreaming Above the Sepulcher
8. Via Tortuosa
9. Old Night

Nightbringer Line-up:
Naas Alcameth: vocals, lyrics, guitar, bass
Ophis: guitar, bass, lyrics
Nox Corvus: vocals, guitar, bass, percussion
VJS: guitar, drums, backing vocals
Ar-Ra’d al-Iblis: lyrics, vocals