Metal Review – Hatesphere – The Great Bludgeoning (2011)

Hatesphere - The Great BludgeoningThe Great Bludgeoning is Danish band Hatesphere’s seventh full-length release since 2001, and second on Napalm Records. They have definitely been around the block, but they have never really pushed the envelope in regards to their music. Each release seems to simply play it safe. There are primarily a thrash death metal band with some punk roots, but you would never mistake them for a Testament or Exodus. They have their own little niche of extreme metal and remain firmly rooted to it.

For my tastes, Hatesphere plays it too close to the vest. Perhaps seeing them live with finally push me over the edge to become one of their die-hard fans. We will see soon enough because I am scheduled to see them soon. I think that I will have an interview with them as well that same night. Until then, I will keep plugging away with the album and hoping that it catches something with me.

This may sound like a negative review and, believe me, it really is not. The Great Bludgeoning is far beyond an average effort. It is what I have come to expect from Hatesphere, which are riff-driven songs and intensity squared. The Great Bludgeoning does not lack intensity in any way. As far as the anger goes, the album definitely brings the anger and the pain and I really like that about them.

I am waiting for that one release from them that really brings their music home for me. They are so close to that level for me, and for a ton of their fans, they have already struck a chord with them.

Overall, The Great Bludgeoning is a very solid release that should be checked out by thrash metal fans and extreme metal fans in general.