Metal Review – Entrench – Inevitable Decay (2011)

Entrench - Inevitable DecayI have said it before, but it is worth mentioning again. A good dose of thrash is needed every once in a while. Entrench’s latest release, Inevitable Decay, is hitting shelves soon and you heard it from this guy first – get this damned album. If you are looking for a lethal dose of thrash metal goodness, you will find it with Inevitable Decay. It is song after song of thrashing riff after thrashing riff.

This album hit me from out of left field. I just popped it in and found myself jamming to song after song and then found myself replaying the album over and over again. I was doing the same thing for days too. It was not just a fluke. The technical side of this album really resonates well with me. Each song seems to increase speed and intensity, but with complete control.

Abyss Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of Inevitable Decay from old school Swedish thrashers ENTRENCH. The album is targeted for a late 2011 release with vinyl treatment coming from Sweden’s Blood Harvest Records. Right up the alley of Kreator and Slayer fans, ENTRENCH brings back real aggression and brutality to today’s thrash metal scene. Beware: This band will leave you with a bad case of whiplash.

Inevitable Decay Track Listing:
As Dawn Breaks
Debt of Sorrow
Portrait of a Phobia
Into Oblivion
Doubt What’s Left
Blind Illusion
Crossing the River
Where Only Ruins Remain

Entrench Line-up:
Fredrik Pellbrink – Vocals, Guitar
Hannes Lindkvist – Guitars
Joel Sundin – Bass
Joel Gustafsson – Drums