Metal Review – Craft – Void (2011)

Craft - VoidAfter a six year silence, Craft returns to us with Void and unleash their style of classic black metal with a few twists. Not many black metal bands have recently left an impression on us as much as Craft did with their last release, so Void was an album that I have been really looking forward to.

From the opening track proper, Serpent Soul, we are treated to some droning black metal riffs solid vocals, and as each song progresses, the icy mountain peaks become clearer and we feel like we are in a time machine of sorts. With each hypnotizing melody, the album keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Erupting forth from the filthiest ranks of the underworld, the long-awaited new album from Swedish black metal horde, CRAFT, is finally upon us!

Diehards of CRAFT’s vicious, orthodox black metal bombardment have been seething in anticipation of this album for years, their immensely praised/feared 2005-released Fuck The Universe full-length having infected the metal community on impressive new levels for this previously cult outfit. But 2011 will bring that wait to a crushing end, with the release of the band’s fourth LP, Void. Delivering a nine-track convoy of punishing black hymns over forty nine-minutes, Void does not just pick up where Fuck The Universe left off, rather it also explores some crushing new angles, as well as revisits some of CRAFT’s earlier, scathing days, and wholly channels the band’s obvious, endless hate unto the human population.

Void is set to pollute the North American masses on October 25th, 2011, once again under the reign of Southern Lord Recordings, the label having also been responsible for the release of Fuck The Universe to the continent.

Void Track Listing:
01. Intro (John’s Nightmare)
02. Serpent Soul
03. Come Resonance Of Doom
04. The Ground Surrenders
05. Succumb To Sin
06. Leaving The Corporal Shade
07. I Want To Commit Murder
08. Bring On The Clouds
09. Void