Metal Review – Brand New Sin – United State (2011)

Brand New Sin - United StateBrand New Sin has a nice sound. They are one of those rock/metal bands that bring their blue collar approach to metal and just have a good time playing music. Most people would not expect me to be a fan of bands like this since I am a fan of a lot of black metal and death metal bands, but I like a good rock band every once in a while.

With Brand New Sin’s latest release, United State, you know what you are getting into right away. From the opening of the first track, The Lord Came Down, you can hear the C.O.C. influences. Vocalist Kris Wiechmann even sounds like Peppar Keenan. This is a light rocking track. Another track that has a very C.O.C. feel to it is All My Wheels. That does not make Brand New Sin a one trick pony by any stretch of the imagination. The influences are all over the place, but I would merely call them influences and not bastardism.

The second track, Know Yourself, bring the metal a little heavier with a great verse section. The solo break is very fun as well. Overall, Know Yourself is one of the more solid tracks on the album.

Brand New Sin is not just about the rock either. They can bring some nice blues tones as heard on Rotten as Hell. The opening to this track is just pure fun with some nice acoustic blues licks and a rocking tone. Elbow Grease follows Rotten as Hell and it is another fun little rocking semi-acoustic track. The vocals are the true standout on this one.

Straight rock songs are abundant on this album though, and songs like Groups of 5 are just fun tracks. Groups of 5 has such a nice solo break to it as well.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the cover of Black Sabbath’s The Wizard. I love me some Black Sabbath, and covers of their songs are always all over the place. Some rock (I.E. Sepultura’s Symptom of the Universe among others and some are just plain bad.). This cover of The Wizard is right down the middle. It is good, but there is nothing here more than a straight cover.

Overall, the album is very fun, but not something that I will listen to a lot. That is not to say that it does not rock, because it does. But, I like my music a little heavier. When I need something lighter, I know that I can feel comfortable reaching for this one.

Brand New Sin has risen to new levels with their latest recording, and is ready to unleash the disenfranchised roar of “United State”.

The enduring trio of Kris Wiechmann (Vocals/Guitar), Chuck Kahl (Bass), and Kevin Dean (Drums) are joined by the new blood of Tommy Matkowski on lead guitar. Tommy’s playing is truly the finishing piece to this already powerful puzzle, lending a fresh and deeply rooted hard rock style to the Brand New Sin sound. This line-up spent much of 2010 on the road together defining the terms of “United State”, including opening shows for Slash & Myles Kennedy.

“United State” expands on their 2009 independent release, Distilled, delivering some of the most accomplished and self-defining tracks of the band’s career. It’s clear that the lyrics of these autobiographical songs resonate in the state of mind of so many today. “United State” is a time capsule of the struggle to survive and overcome in our current society. Many of the songs are about self-reflection. Wiechmann taps into the psyche of the masses: the moments that define each of us. “Infamous” and “Elbow Grease” animate the thoughts of a listener pondering their own past. The rage of songs like “Goddess Of War” and “Bed Of Nails” call out those that try and take advantage of the plight of others, while the anthemic “All My Wheels” tells a story of the struggle to live life never looking back, never regretting, uncompromised.

“United State” sees a determined and confident Brand New Sin voicing the rage of the world, through fiercely developed statements in lyrics, riffs, and powerfully crafted guitar solos, backed by a driving rhythm section that continues to define strength.

United State Track Listing:
1.      The Lord Came Down
2.      Know Yourself
3.      All My Wheels
4.      Rotten As Hell
5.      Elbow Grease
6.      Infamous
7.      Groups Of 5
8.      Your Song And Dance
9.      Goddess of War
10.    The Cup and The Lip
11.    Bed of Nails
12.    Travel Well
13.    What Do You Do For Money Honey
CD Only Bonus Tracks
1.      Glory Days
2.      Sad Wings (Acoustic 2011)
3.      The Wizard

Brand New Sin