Film Review-Grave Encounters



directed by: The Vicious Brothers

Coming to dvd October 18th


Plot-The film is about the last days in the life of Lance Preston and the crew at Grave Encounters. Which is a paranormal reality show. Each episode they go into the most haunted places to see if they can find ghosts and spirits. Well, the journey takes them to the abandoned Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital. At first, they are seen wanting locals and people who work outside of it, to maybe lie and make it out to be so haunted. So much so, they bring in a fake medium who makes a mockery of the place. They decide then to lock themselves in the place overnight and film it. You probably can guess the rest.


Review-We are assured at the start that this tape is raw and unedited. This film is 93 minutes of pure fun. A good old fashioned fright film, with the creepy doors, the things that go bump and most of all plenty of jump scares that some really do work. What made this film work for me, is the premise is so simple and yet effective. You know they are in there looking for something that they will find, and this film plays it so smart, by letting you take the journey with them. Not giving you everything in one scene, this film is so amazingly patient and very good pacing. Of course, it has the signature scenes, where they wake up and realize there is no way out and they are trapped and one of the characters is branded by a spirit. And of course, one of the character loses their minds and knows what is going on more than the rest know.

It is never explained how the police found this tape. So the beginning sort of loses its flare when you realize in the end what is going on and where the film will end up. And, if they had 10 cameras taping everything in the building why wasn’t this discussed by the police in the start of the film? They found a video camera and not the other 10 that were in plain sight ? All in all, my minor gripe aside, this film delivers a hell of a wallop and is really a good time.


8 out of 10