Blu ray review-The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (3-Disc Special Edition)


Coming to home video October 4th


In March, Anchor Bay released the Walking Dead double blu ray and dvd. Beside the whole season, the special features were..

  • The Making-of “The Walking Dead” featurette
  • Inside “The Walking Dead”: Episode 1-6 featurette
  • A Sneak Peek with Robert Kirkman featurette
  • Behind-the-Scenes Zombie Make-Up Tips featurette
  • Convention Panel With Producers
  • “The Walking Dead” Trailer
    Extra Footage
  • Zombie School
  • Bicycle Girl
  • On Set With Robert Kirkman
  • Hanging With Steven Yeun
  • Inside Dale’s RV
  • On Set With Andrew Lincoln



Now Anchor Bay has amped it up with the definitive Walking Dead season 1, this time it is a triple dvd or blu ray and the special features are..

Audio Commentaries on all six episodes
Featurettes, extra footage & more from the complete first season
Pilot Episode: The Black & White Version

Brand New Features
We Are The Walking Dead
Bring Out The Dead: KNB and The Art Of Making Zombies
Digital Decay: The VFX of The Walking Dead
No More Room In Hell: The Walking Dead Phenomenon
Adapting The Dead
Killer Conversations: Frank Darabont & Greg Nicotero

Blu-ray Exclusive

Cryptozoic Trading Card

 I have to be honest upfront. I have never read the comic books. All I knew going
into this show was zombies on tv weekly. How can you not as a genre fan be
excited? When the announcement came that AMC would be creating a series based
upon Kirkman’s master work, my first feeling was why AMC and not HBO or
Showtime, how much can they get away with on AMC? But, to be honest I was going
to watch it regardless, this could have been on Nick at Night. I was going to
tune in. Lets talk about this series… Officer Rick Grimes  is shot down in the
line of duty and hospitalized in a coma. He awakens weeks later to find
something is horribly wrong. The hospital has been deserted, there’s blood and
signs of a struggle everywhere, and the halls and eventually the streets and
surrounding neighborhoods are littered with corpses and the main problem to
contend with … zombies and no sign of where his family is. He has a wife and
son, and he takes upon this journey into the city to find them. Along the way he
runs into different characters, and situations that make his path at times hard
to keep going on, and has to find alternative means to keep his journey alive. To
me, the first 3 episodes are the best. You get a lot of zombie kills, great
guest appearances from Michael Rooker as a insane redneck. This is quite
possibly the best horror show on tv since Kolchak the Night Stalker in the 70′s.
My only issues were episode 4 and 5. Which moved at a snail’s pace and were more
story based and not zombie or gore based, which is to be expected knowing now
that there will be a 2nd season to pick up the story and gore.

Now onto the problem, if you own part 1 is it worth it to get this version? It all depends on how much a fan you are of the series. For me, I had to see the black and white pilot edition and knowing that Frank has quit the show to hear him talk about The Walking Dead for me was worth the price. And the commentaries were both very informative and cool. I would say, own both. Now, I am off to buy those comic books and graphic novels.


This is a must buy…I wont rate it one to ten, but will say, this will be in my top ten blu rays of the year.