Movie Review-Beware


Coming to dvd on October 18th


Plot-Move aside Freddy and Jason, and fuck lame Victor Crowley. Meet Shane. As a boy he was tortured by his father and chained to a tree. He is the legend of small town Shady Grove. So what happens when a group of people are stranded overnight when their vehicle breaks down in Shade Grove and do not know this legend?


Review-This is 2011’s Sweatshop. Beware like the mentioned, is another great throwback to 80’s slashers that really is so unapologetic and violent that you cannot turn away. If you are a gore hound, this film has your fix. There is plenty of amazing, and I mean for low budget slashers this is top of the line blood and gore. I was blown away, by how much attention to detail they paid to both the characters and the situations they get into. This is one of those films if you watched it on the big screen, you know you would be screaming at the screen and cheering it on. I thought, after the first minutes that this film would not deliver what the beginning promised, there was no way. Boy, was I wrong. This film was over the top and just a wet dream for us genre fans. What you loved in 80’s slashers is on display in this film, that if you took away the ipod scene and the guitar hero scenes, you would think this was a lost classic. And, Jason and those camera shots. And, all the characters were either loveable or hate able. There is no middle ground in this film. This film wears its influences on its sleeve, from Madman Mars to Jason. But, where some films fail and try to be a shot for shot copy this film found its voice and gave us some really fun stuff to share.


Since Hollywood is giving us a much scaled back horror roster for the rest of the year and next year as well. This film would make any horror fan cheer and brag to their friends, blogs or family about how this film kicks ass. Now, there are negatives as well. I can’t give away too much so I will be vague on this one. Two characters were tied up and they had this dialogue that just seemed so boring and forced and put the film to a halt for a few minutes. But, the ending made up for it. This film started off like a fist of fury and ended with any genre fan taking note that he/she just witnessed indie horror done right. Jason Daly is going to me major, there is no fucking way he wont. This film is what you slasher fans been praying for. This makes Hatchet seem like The Smurfs.


8 out of 10