Music Review-Djerv




01. Madman
02. The Bowling Pin
03. Headstone
04. Gruesome Twosome
05. Only I Exist
06. Ladder To The Moon
07. Abmuse
08. Blind The Heat
09. Immortal


Who is Djerv-


Agnete Kjølsrud of ANIMAL ALPHA

drummer Erlend Gjerde of STONEGARD and WARDRUNA

guitarist Stian KÃ¥rstad of TRELLDOM


Review-Let’s be honest for a minute. Billboard magazine just ran a article that music is on the rebound, and why would they print this? Because most recently Billboard announced that they now use digital downloads as cd sales and single sales. When people think about 2011, they will remember the anniversary of 9/11, the West Memphis 3 finally free, the so called death of Bin Laden. See where I am heading with this. The word music and fan are no longer hand in hand. 2 plus years was the long awaited Chinese Democracy release. If that cd did not set the world on fire and get people buying again, will any cd?  Fans today, there is such a importance on immediately that when a cd is 2 to 3 months from release,the die hards already have it and talked about it. And either killed the buzz or just killed it. You have two music video channels. VH1 and MTV and neither talk about music, they just give us that pseudo realistic programming that kids will eat up and want to imitate. Is there even a straight up music store anymore without selling food or clothes or other electronics like a tv and please do not say Itunes? Bands like Djerv fall into that category of a decade too late. This is from start to finish a great cd, that deserves to get some sales and due to today’s music fan, if they read this cd rules or a good word, they will look for the torrent or a way to obtain it for free. And because they are not a label like Warner, or wont get more music from them. The next generation of bands is dying, because no one supports music anymore. And buying a stack of blank cds does not support music, it kills it. From Madman, which is on youtube right now you get a sense that this band is different from the usual female led bands. It is more like if Annie Lennox had a date with Tool. If I was to give advice to Djerv…Ladder to the Moon could be a huge hit on modern radio. That track just hits you so hard and Agnete puts a pretty spin on it and you are caught by surprise by how amazing that both the guitars and vocals come across. Abmuse sounds like a modern version of Aimee Echo’s Human Waste Project. Immortal almost sounds like if Judas Priest had a female lead singer. Gruesome Twosome is incredible and I bet live that song would just take a life of its own. This cd deserves a audience..and I am dying to see more from them. This is 2011’s best cd of the year so far.