Movie Review-X -MEN First Class



Plot-Witness the origins of X-Men.

In 1962, the United States government enlists the help of Mutants  to stop world war III. Witness Charles Xavier train the mutants, and the rise of Magneto. Why have a plot detail, everyone knows what to expect..lets cut to the review.


Review-In 2000 was the first X Men film and here we are 11 years later with the Origins film. In the last year, with DC announcing all their comics will be rebooted and starting all over from 0. All the revamps and reboots of superhero franchises. From Captain America to SpiderMan and etc. It is starting to get aggravating. And after The Last Stand and Wolverine. I gave up on X Men. And then came the first trailer for First Class. And it looked awful. Thank god, I watched the film and did not let the 2 minute clip change my mind. This film is absolutely the best X Men yet. Even, better than part 2 which was in my top 5 best superhero films. This film focuses on Erik Lehnserr and what eventually led to him becoming Magneto.

The film starts off with Erik watching his mother brutally killed by Sebastian Shaw. His revenge gets him in the company of Charles Xavier. And, while Charles wants to help the humans and thinks that they are doing good by protecting them. Erik, has different ideas. The film focuses on their friendship, even when they become can sense they still have a respect for each other. And it also introduces us to the young mutants. Riptide, Beast, Raven..among others. This film focuses on what brought them all together and the bond they share. And it also creates a question, that can society accept them. And that is always a theme in all things X Men, is that they feel like they cannot be accepted thus they feel alienated.

The performances in this film are really well done. The script was very effective and the action scenes were shot breathtakingly spectacular. On Blu Ray, this film is a must. And Wolverine has a cameo that is pretty funny. All in all, this is what Fox does best. 20th Century Fox to me is the best studio for this kind of film. This film is going to sell like hot cakes no matter what I say. But, I will say that this film is amazing and here is hoping they keep it going. X Men is reborn.


9 out of 10