Movie Review-Triad Underworld

Plot-Triad leader Hung wife gives birth to a child, and he wants to quit the world of gangsterhood for fatherhood. From graves to cradles…boy was this film something..oh wow just you wait…and read this one..


Review-This film is so disjointed. The first twenty minutes alone we are thrust into 14 different plots, with at least ten different characters. While later in the film we start to understand what the characters mean to each other, in the first half this film was so hard to keep up with. It was like a porche with no tires. It was pretty to look at, with the sets, and the colors and the dialogue, characters were just there. After the 30 minutes we get 2 gangsters named, Wing and Turbo, set to make a name for themselves, are ordered to kill Hung. Meanwhile, an internal conflict begins between Hung and his number #1 man, Left-Hand. Even though despite this conflict, the two have nothing but respect for each other. At 81 minutes, this film stretches. Another one of those stuck on the shelf since 04, Tartan releases. And in the last year, there has been at least two other ones, that I was not fond of. And the fault of this dvd was just that by the end of the film, while it looked amazing with the color, and the lighting and dare I say sets..But the script was horrible, the characters made no sense, and the film felt so flat.

I know watching this film, there is a fan base for this film. I wont dog it out and say no one would like this, cause I would be a liar. I think more people may like this than hate it..and I wish to god I could have been one of the ones who loved it. I cant say I hate it as a whole, I was just really letdown by what the trailer said this film would offer and instead I had to sit thru a lot of nonsense to get to that advertised good stuff…


2 out of 10