Movie Review-The Feed


Plot-Tonight on Ghost Chasers we are live at the Brenway Theater which is believed to be haunted. We received this video tape of a incident that happened to make us believe this theater may have ghosts..the theater showed the power going out and once the lights go on you not only see a aberration going up the stairs but a woman in the mirror at the top of the lobby naked screaming. Tonight we are going to see this for ourselves. Get ready live on Pulse TV.


Review-A month ago I reviewed the Vicious Brothers latest Grave Encounters, and said I was growing sick of found footage ghost films that are trying to be reality based tv. I was wrong. I really had fun with the Feed. Made on little over 15k, this film felt like a major hollywood film. It was almost like reading a novel. Each scene and scenario is explained to you in such great detail, that you almost feel like they are writing it as they go. This is what worked for me the script. It was solid and absolutely worked. This movie will feel like you are really watching a real show. They have their own commercials, and kudos they are making this serious ghost story and then they go against the grain and not take themselves serious at all and just have fun with the commercials which some of them poke a lot of fingers at mainstream media and how foolish the consumer is of buying anything. The ghost scenes are used so smart in this film, they build the scene to revolve around ghosts not have to rely on cheap scares. They use smart scenarios and paint a very tense picture. The last ten minutes of this film were the part that I know a lot of fans will love, but I had issue with. I felt the whole film was built on this smart and creative pace that every scene meant something and all of a sudden, they just raced it to the finish line. Like trying to fit it all in a 70 minute film. And, the sad part if this film was ten more minutes and the last ten minutes were slowed down a little bit to make the ending more powerful..I would have gave this a ten. Easily this film is fun and had me from start to almost end. And I worked at a movie theater that we were told was haunted and we had customers talk about things they think they witnessed and watching this I was into the premise. I love the actors and the camera work was amazing esp when you think about how much money and time was spent on this film.


This film went over the history of this theater from its early start, to the fire that took it out and the reopening in 1976 when the Monahan opened it up. And the owner’s son did not even have the guts to stick around alone at night in it. This film built a paranoia with the locals telling stories about the theater. And you know you will find out something dark about the history and past, and when you do..that was another problem..they just talk about it in passing. I think they should have put more emphasis on it. I want to see what they can do on a bigger budget. I think we may see another future superstar in this genre. Kudos Gibson…Another plus my wife watched it with me, who hates the majority of horror films I watch, and had fun with this as well and got scared after it was over…


7.5 out of 10