Movie Review-The Exterminator


Plot-Synapse Films is at it again, restoring all our vhs classics and releasing them on dvd and blu ray. And, for my money no one can touch them in terms of production value and giving us so much for our dollar. This film starts off in the vietnam war. Two friends survive, and when they get back home..things change. Michael is beat up beyond recognition and now John his vietnam buddy is The Exterminator ready to fuck up anyone and avenge his friend. Fun times ahead….


Review-This film came out in 1980. This was the precursor to the Rambo, Missing in Action, and Robocops. This film is ( god I hate this term so badly but what else can be used) a true grindhouse film. Did you know Samuel L Jackson has a cameo in this film? The negatives up front..there is no special features. I would have loved to hear a director’s commentary. This film really is a sign of the times in the 80’s. From the beheading scene, where there is no blood spurting to the Chicken House reference. Michael and John start off in vietnam and somehow survive, and both get a dock job loading trucks. And one day a group of guys try to steal beer. And John and Michael stop them. So one day, they spot Michael who is a black guy and drop about 30 N bombs on him and beat him badly. So much, he is in a coma. And John his buddy thinks it is all because of him, and has to avenge this. And of course, you know Michael will have the wife and kids who cry on cue pretty well. The cover to this film is misleading, you get one blowtorch scene and that was not really that great. But, the other deaths were not too shabby. From a meat grinder to going to the Chicken House and killing some child molesters. Us NY’ers remember rumors of chicken houses, where rich men would have their way with young boys. As you can guess, as the film goes on this one man Charlie Bronson wanna be vigilante his justice gets blurred and he is on the run from the police. Esp. one detective-James Dalton..but to his credit he is more occupied with trying to get with Sammantha Eggar. Yes, that Samantha Eggar from The Brood..and today she is older than my mother and still is beautiful. The film as a whole is a retro fun trip, and thank you Synapse for not changing the music in this film. They play a lot of disco and old school r and b…I laughed so much, it was gold. This film was just so flawed beyond belief..but damn if I did not have fun with this film and would watch it again and again.

As a whole this film is such a great treasure. And lord you get some good gore scenes. For 1980 this film had to be labeled a rebel film. This was anti hollywood and I can not picture anyone from that era watching this film and digging it. But, our era we embrace this visual blood and nudity fun fest. This film has exploitation written all over it and lord knows if today’s voices of what is right and wrong watched this they would bitch about morals and racism…I miss the freedom of yesterday. Today we are so PC and supposed to be understanding. But, rap music can be racist and say whatever they want and it is accepted…As a whole, this film is a great time…And RIP Steve James, this film was another example of how great he was as an actor…And to think they have a sequel to this..starring Mario Van Peoples and Ayre Gross


7.5 out of 10