Movie Review-The Coffin

Plot- This film focuses on two main characters Su and Chris whose lives have been stricken with tragedy… cancer for Su and Chris’s girlfriend seems to be in a coma. Based on a real Thai ritual, a living person lies in a coffin to reverse bad karma. As you can guess, the cancer is gone and Chris’s girlfriend wakes up but all this good stuff has to come at a price…it always does. They have put the people closest to them in harm’s way to pay the price of all this good luck.

Review-This film is the equivalent of seeing a steak in a commercial and craving that steak, and when you receive it at the restaurant it looks amazing but the second you bite in, you just are so letdown with it. What a great premise playing off the real life Thai rituals that a lot of people have always been scared to death of and the stories of all the tragedies that happened when they were locked in the coffins and the few that thought when they got out they changed God’s will. Poor execution and even worst dialogue. This film has some really cool moments in it that I would say, are almost worth looking at it..but what you have to go thru to get there…it is just unbearable at times. And that is so sad, I really wanted to love this film. With this kind of overseas horror, it is either going to redefine the genre, or is it just going to dumb it down. One minute the characters are speaking in subtitles the next english. Then comes the want to be Ju On and Ringu feel of the visions of a woman with the long black hair aka Ringu and the face aka Ju on. There is a scene where you see a image on like a wall of mirrors and the images comes and goes, I thought that 20 second scene alone showed me that the film tried to do something. And, some of the scares were ok, like the car wreck. But, the script made absolutely no sense and at times just seemed to change direction mid sentence. I know James, it is a horror film…why are you hating on a script. It just took so long to get from scare, to kill..that you needed something to keep it interesting. And this film just absolutely lost me quite a few times. And since almost all the characters looked alike, it was hard to know who was who. Again, kudos on the effort but next time instead of trying to copy this or that film..just write a better script or have more blood and kills. This film had absolutely one scene that had any kind of blood..This film made me want to jump in the coffin.

3.5 out of 10