Movie Review-Scream 4


Coming to both dvd and blu ray on October 4th


Plot-In 1996, Wes Craven turned the horror genre upside down with his vision of the smart horror film called Scream. Introducing us to Sidney Prescott, Officer Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers-Riley. 15 years later, and now on our 4th installment. It seems like, Ghost face our killer is back to make sure this is the end of Scream….


Review-I wont sit here and lie, I was a fan of the first Scream. I remember going on opening night, me and my girlfriend at the time. We had a blast. And even, when I rewatched it a few months ago, it still is a fun film. It is what horror needed to be for 1996. Scream 2, I also had a good time with, not as much as part one, but it was not that bad. This is when our problems started. Out of the ashes of Scream’s box office killing, we got saturated with more smart horror films that Scream seemed to be the anti of. By the time the awful and I mean unwatchable bad part 3 came out, I was ready for it to end. When you see dead characters who saved video tape messages in case they would not make it, you know you are reaching. Now, 10 years later…Scream is back. Because right now the in thing is retro. Again something that the original was anti of, that being trying to fit in. Whereas the first film poked fun at horror films in general and the dumb cliches, this film does one attacks not only horror, but the social networking that we use to promote horror in almost a jealous cruel way at times. In the first five minutes, it basically sits there and attacks the Saw franchise and what people perceive as horror. ” the torture porn is done to death”. Well, so is the slasher..but you seem to have no problem resurrecting that so why attack Saw, because it became more successful than Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream. We also learn in the first five minutes that not only has there been one Stab film..they are on part 7. I would have thought going into a new Scream film, that Wes and the gang would be excited and stoked..and just bring new life to this. Is it just me or did the main characters Sidney, Dewey and Gale just feel so out of place in this film, and just seemed like they were going thru the motions. Of course, Sidney now is a best selling author on a book tour back to her hometown, and now the killings start again. Sidney has a relative Jill, played by Emma Roberts. I mean they have a great cast for this film. Even, the kills and the phone calls just got old. This is Scream..where is the excitement and creativity?


Of course, like the other films before it..this film has a twist. And if you seen at least two horror films in your life, you can guess it within seconds of this film introducing us to all the characters. In the era of Laid to Rest, Saw, and DIY creative indie horror, Scream just feels so out of place. It is almost like a old class reunion. You see the people and you have some fun catching up but in the end, you know what you loved the most was yesteryear not today. And, today’s Scream seems like what yesteryear Scream made fun of.


The bonus features, has a 9 minute gag reel. For this alone, I recommend anyone to see it. Anthony Anderson who has a bit role as a officer, is hilarious in this. And, you get to see how Wes would prank the stars on set. By scaring them constantly. It was fun.


I would place Scream in between two and three. It was not horrible, but it was not great. I mean, if you like the franchise, you need to see it..if you never seen a Scream film before this may not be a good start for you.


6.5 out of 10