Movie Review-Salvage

Plot-When a container full of substances that are toxic washes ashore the residents get really violent, paranoid and meet a new terror they never faced before. Who is who,,and can our main heroine save her daughter.


Review-This film reminded me of a violent Right at your door. This film makes me proud to be a indie film blogger, this is indie film done right. This has the Romero social commentary and the Hitchcockian paranoia. But asks the question..what if this happened to you? Where most directors usually dumb down a film like this or drag it so slow that you become bored..this film avoided those pitfalls. It was so well paced and the blood and gore were so smart. Not so much as a way to hide a flaw but to enhance a scene. The special effects were so realistic that with this budget, I question how they were so effective, and the acting and script was tense and smart. It did not do the dumb scenarios, of jump scares or silly situations. It was smart to the point, that you would think all the characters watched Dawn of the Dead and every other film, to know what not to do. I know a lot of people are going to dismiss it because of the remake of The Crazies. But, honestly where the Crazies was bland and failed, this film delivered. What do you do when you lose your secret experiment…What you want to do is send in half the army to lockdown the area , extract the survivors and determine which of them is infected. What you don’t want to do, as shown in this movie, is send five guys in with flashlights in the pitch dark so they can scamper around the set  Brookside aimlessly shooting at the four people who live there and getting killed. Around the 70 minute mark, the military is sent in to quarantine and kill anything they think is infected. That is when this film felt so cold blooded…that is all I will say. There is a scene that breaks the taboo of indie films. And kudos to the director and the script for going in that direction. It made the film mean so much more after you turn it gets you thinking. And any film that gets you thinking after it is over, did it’s job.


The opening 20 minutes was amazing..and they play Flykiller, who are one of my fave bands.  By the time the carnage started it was very suspenseful. The creature effects were done very well. And the ending was a talk about ending. And I know there was a lot of this film that we have seen done a million times before, but I had fun with it. It was smart, effective and in the end it was just a fun popcorn film…Or better yet watch it this christmas…


7.5 out of 10


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