Movie Review-Last Exit to Brooklyn


Coming to home video on October 10th


Before I start this review, I will say I am shocked..that Summit is releasing this film. Talk about a film that all of you should discover and check out for yourselves. Esp. if you dig this review…read on..



Plot-Long before there was a Requiem for a Dream, there was Last Exit to Brooklyn..which is also based on a Hubert Selby novel. Set in Brooklyn during the 1950s against a backdrop of union corruption and violence. Jennifer Jason Leigh shows us why she is one of the greatest actresses ever. And just think director Uli Edel followed this film up with that masterpiece Body of Evidence with Madonna and wonder why the man never got another break. And the Tyson tv movie was not count that as a comeback vehicle.



Review-If you are a fan of Hubert Selby and thought Requiem was so faithful to the book and so dark. This film is just as dark and deserves a second chance now on dvd and blu ray. Jennifer Jason Leigh is a prostitute who falls in love with one of her tricks, and acts her ass off. She gives a performance that really should have been showcased better instead of crap films like Single White Female. Of course, when people think about this film, it is the rape scene which for its time was so over the top and pretty cruel. I remember being in my college dorm and hearing Roger Ebert say on his national syndicated radio review show, ” until the rape scene he loved this film and after the scene he had to change his view”. No offense to Ebert, but this film is building to something very dark to happen and why hate it when it does deliver. I would hate this film more if it hinted and built up a scene and failed to deliver. It would be like watching Jaws and hating it when the shark kills someone.  Compared to what we have seen since 1989, the rape scene in this film while effective is almost watered down compared to how far cinema is going today. The film both direction of this film and the script was top rate. This is the time, I name the negatives to this film, and to tell you the truth there is none. This film is perfect. The best acted period peice film since Godfather 2 to me.  That is a bold statement. This film shows the poor not as victims or voiceless but more as people who are proud and will do anything to get the dollar. Whether you agree or disagree, or they have morals, character or not..being I am from NY, and know that my parents went thru a lot of these struggles..hey, at least they have pride. This film is basically Brooklyn in 1952, this film is violent, very dark and is such a great film.


When people talk about 1989, this film is lost and I want to say right now 22 years later, this film is still as incredible as it was in its first run. And for all you Requiem fans who ate that film up, should run out and see this on blu ray and email Jennifer Jason Leigh and tell she is the greatest actress of our generation. A masterpiece just like when I watched it in 1990 as a double feature with Patti Rocks. And to think the role Jennifer had, Courtney Love tried out for. ( and for all you  who will call me out, in 1986 Courtney had a role in Sid and Nancy and she also toured LA with Kat Bjelland in a band called which would later become Babes in Toyland)


10 out of 10