Movie Review-Kate Bush Under Review

Kate Bush under review is 94 minutes of extended performances and a re telling of the whole Kate Bush story which starts off that she was 19 when she got started. She released her first cd The Kick Inside to a lot of UK fan fare. In America, it was not until 1985 and Hounds of Love’s big 120 Minutes break out hit Running up that Hill that we embraced her in America. This first documentary runs around a hour and 13 minutes and goes into detail the cds and the history of each one, from The Kick Inside to her 2005 comeback Aerial. Any fans of Kate wanting to hear stories about her relationship with a few certain musicians, well this may not be the dvds you are looking for. Kate being such a private person, is only here on old clips and old interviews. But, me being a massive Kate Bush fan, I found out some stuff I did not know. Like she did her first three songs to introduce herself to EMI at Abbey Road studios and that David Gilmore of Pink Floyd was such a big help to Kate in the beginning. Also, in the bonus stuff is a Kate Bush test to see how good a fan you are. You get some video clips of her hits, not the whole video but little clips. And that made me sort of mad, that all these Kate Bush re releases, no one thought about The Whole Story-the videos. That is so long overdue for dvd and maybe blu ray. Or her one and only tour, her 1979 tour. She taped a few of the shows, and only one has seen the light of day, but she once said that she would release the others. That would be cool also. I did not know that Kate only did one tour in 1979 and never toured again. I know with Director’s Cut now out, that there is this new found love and respect for the legacy of Kate Bush, I am glad to get this flashback at the artist that I think revolutionized this industry for so many female musicians like Tori Amos and so many more. And to hear Kate defend herself against the EMI label, from what songs should be singles to just the name of her songs. This first disc is solid. She released her first cd and second cd within a 8 month period and Sat in your lap was released a full year to radio before the cd came out. This dvd is a must for any Kate Bush fan..and I cannot recommend it highly enough..