Movie Review-Hanna

Coming to dvd September 6th

Plot-Hanna tells the story of a teenage girl played by Saoirse Ronan who was raised by dad an ex CIA man played by Eric Bana. Living in the wilds of Finland, she learns from her dad about stamina, power, and smarts of a soldier. She is learning to be the perfect assassin. She is sent on a mission by her dad which as she is in on her mission she starts facing revelations about her life and starts to question things.

Review-Hanna borrows from quite a few movies, from Bourne films, to Resident Evil somewhat ( which I cannot discuss because it contains spoilers) Salt and any other spy film in the last decade. The first few minutes watching her hunt in the woods was interesting cause when I heard about this film..I did not expect the title character looks so weak and non intimidating. Do not get me wrong, it is not a knock against women, it is just this girl looked like a girl scout almost. Eric Bana, who is still feeling the sting of The Incredible Hulk is so non believable playing her dad. He is just horrible and so un-needed in this film. But, there is a great scene..where he gets off a bus and is being tailed by four agents sent by Marissa Wiegler( played by Cate Blanchett who was amazingly fun in her role..)The way that scene is filmed along with its climax is just spectacular. That same technique is used several times throughout the film and seems to make something simple like a chase through a junkyard way more entertaining than if it was filmed differently. Another interesting shot is when Erik finds Marissa in her hotel room. A battle of bullets breaks out as we look through one of the bullet holes to see Erik kicking the door in. Good stuff right there, boys and girls. Good stuff indeed. The score in this film is by the Chemical Brothers, and I loved the music.

I thought the camera work was really well done, and from simple shots like a wounded animal in the snow or the desert floor. I loved the camera work. I think the last film I seen by Joe Wright was what The Soloist. If you are familiar with that film then you should know how he is so slow and deliberate as a director, almost milking every scene for what it is worth.

While the film does have moments of drag here and there, and Eric Bana for the most part was annoying and unwatchable, and our lead character looking like a 13 year old kid. If it’s not the Chemical Brother’s fantastic soundtrack or a unique shot here and there, it’s the stylish editing and unique focus that may not only get your attention but keep it as well. I will say that this won’t be for everyone. This is not a film that’s constant action and at times it moves at a snail pace, but all in all it was ok for a rental. I would say, if you are into films like Salt, Bourne, this is watchable and who knows you may love it so much you buy it.

7 out of 10