Movie Review-George: A Zombie Intervention

Coming to dvd October 4th

Plot-George is a flesh eating zombie and his friends and family are planning a intervention. And as you can guess things do not go as planned, and what ensues is dark humor and lots of zombie gore.

Review-This film is a shock. I am floored. This is easily the best release Breaking Glass has put out to date. Which is a big statement, they have really put out some great films. Bleading Lady, The Dawning, and etc. This film was a shock..why is this James you may ask..and believe me I am going to tell you. The first fifteen minutes of this film, I was set to turn it off and give up. It was just one failed joke after another and the characters were so boring. The story was moving at a snail pace. It starts off, George’s ex girlfriend, along with her new lover, George’s sister and best friend Ben all plan an intervention for their friend, who they know is a zombie. Then enlist Barbara to conduct it, who has never done a intervention before like this. The intervention is not going as planned, as their pre written speeches that they have to read back to George are all boring him and sound so fake, things change when Steve goes snooping in George’s bedroom and finds out that not only is he a zombie but he has been killing people. This is when the film just did not care anymore and went for it. It was then a fast and very dark film. And it worked. The situations were more funny than the jokes. And does it give you a ton of blood and gore, almost like a very lower than low budget Dead Alive. You get ( yes) prostitute zombies…and mormon zombies. Hey, something for all your tastes. You get the stoner hero who just hams it up so much that you sit there and think, either this guy is the dumbest person on earth or the funniest. A zombie mix tape cd. Yes…how can you go wrong a zombie mix cd. And a scene two zombies are playing a I spot game..where they give out a letter and the other guesses what it is..and the guy says TNA. And on the ground is a dead woman. It is just silly stuff, that critics will sit there and try to be smarter than the film. Film is to entertain you, not for you to constantly rip it apart and try to hurt a potential fun time for some fans cause you did not get it. I can see a lot of zombie fans rip this one apart, and the horror comedy fans embrace it. If Evil Dead and Dead Alive came out today…these critics who think they are so highly regarded would hate them and rip them apart to you guys, but in private would watch it over and over and be a closet fan.
I will say this, with all the bad shit going on in this world right now..if you have the chance to just sit back and escape into some silly comedy which is fun and pretty good..this may be your film and lord knows life is too short to not want to see films that make you happy your a fan of the genre.
8 out of 10