Movie Review- Double Feature-Beyond the Dunwich Horror/Pretty Dead Things

Pretty Dead Things

Plot-Quite the twist on the vampire film. This is about a group of 70’s porn stars who are now vampires, who the two females Shelby and Jennifer decide to bite a pizza delivery guy and not kill him. Now, he is going to get his revenge on this vampire group.

Review-This is my first Richard Griffin film. I have heard a lot of praise about his work,and was excited. As a whole the concept is fun, the movie has a good flow and some ok jokes, great blood and gore. This film was better than the last hundred hollywood horror spoofs. This was a fresh breath of air to the vampire genre. And after watching Vampires Suck, and Twilight. Lord knows, I felt the vampire film was dead and buried. And this comes along and is not only fun, but lord does it take a lot of chances and some really pay off. Like the crooked mayor. He is just driving down the road, and stops a random jogger who knows about all his scandals and what he is going to court for. Such a sign of the times, and a open message about our country as a whole. That people are so media fed that all they really care about is the bad stuff. The mayor is helping out the pizza delivery vampire and his lackey to help him stop the vampires who are killing everyone in the city. Of course, Jessica is looking for her lost love of 1975. The film has a heavy and I mean heavy gay theme. Esp with man on man action. So, if you are straight..some of those scenes are uncomfortable. But, they have funny payoffs. This film is indie film goodness. And I recommend all of you who like a twist in your horror comedy, to check this film out. And they also pay homage to Re Animator, with actually two scenes. One towards the end that is so odd, that I laughed. And I learned first hand watching this that in porn even the females have fluffers. This is a fresh breath of air, and I think a lot of you will dig this a lot.

7.5 out of 10

Beyond the Dunwich Horror

Plot-Loosely based on a H P Lovecraft short…September 19th was just a ordinary day…until a local fisherman finds Andrew Crawford washed ashore. Kenny Crawford arrives in Dunwich after hearing that his brother Andrew has been admitted to a psychiatric ward, and is suspected in a string of disappearances in the town. With the help of local reporter Marsha Calloway and the eccentric Upton Armitage he probes the last few weeks of his brother’s life.

Review-Before talking about this film, there is a four minute trailer in the special features for a film called Nun of That. I have to see this film. This film, the gore was good. I thought the film itself, well kind of felt flat. The jokes and script, just was not the best it could have been. You can just tell the actors were bored at times, and I bet anything if you let them improv and just give them a direction nudge they could have been so much better. Which is a shame, the trailer for this film looked so promising. I just felt the actors playing Andrew and Kenny were so boring and uncompelling. And not even deadpan funny. Just bland. The kind of people you sit and listen to their stories because you feel sorry for them. This film was just a bad indie film. And, that sucks..I really wanted to dig this film. The film was a hour and 44 minutes. I probably liked 35 minutes of it. Was bored by the rest. No doubt Richard Griffin has talent, I mean Pretty Dead Things was fun and so above what a indie film can be. I mean, this film who knows people may love it.

3 out of 10