Movie Review-Destricted

Plot- A 7 short compilation of erotic films directed by Larry Clark and a few others you guys may have heard of. This is definitely where art meets the mental state of pleasure. This compilation is anywhere from odd to truly weird.

Review-Lets start off with the directors that most of you guys will know. Marco Brambilla whose credits include Demolition Man and the Silverstone film Excess Baggage. He has a short that is called Sync. At less than 2 minutes it is an annoying drumming loud bland sex clips that just do not turn on the viewer or stimulate sexuality. It just bores you to the point that the 2 minutes was way too long.

Larry Clark, someone (and quite possibly the only reason I watched this film) I am a major fan of. From Kids, to Ken Park. Larry Clark is one of the very few people that never makes a bad film. And this is no exception. Clark examines the effect pornography has on youngsters, but his film goes further, looking at the human dynamics and insecurities of the porn industry and making a porn film. He interviews young male porn star wannabees, in discussions that are almost like a shrink session, asking them about their sexual experience, preferences and use of pornography. One of them is a virgin. Many have quite understandable hang-ups about their bodies. Asked what sort of things they would like to do, they all express an interest in anal sex. When they undress, nearly all of them are shaved. These last two characteristics, although only evinced by a minority of the general population, are frequently the norm in pornographic films. The female porn actors interviewed are shown as human, almost caring mother like, and genuinely sensual, although their comfortable attitude to sexuality threatens to bring out more of the guys’ insecurities. The girls prove mostly adept at putting the young man at ease however and he selects the oldest of them (40yrs) to be his ‘co-star’. Clark avoids the pitfall of making the film funny or sterile or missing the eventual sex scene. The result is a documentary about porn that is also seamlessly pornographic. This 30 minute plus short is worth the price of the dvd alone. It is quite possibly porn 101. Gaspar Noé who did Irreversible gives us something that is the anti to what Larry Clark gave us. At 23 minutes, We Fuck Alone is bizarre. Almost like Andy Warhol and Richard Kern had a love child bizarre. Just like Irreversible did in this short he uses strobes and a heartbeat-like thumping background score to create sensory disorientation. At one point a man puts a gun in sex-toy doll’s mouth as he copulates with it. This film was a total mind bender into very odd territory of sexual depression? I guess is what I am looking for in this one. And, the other shorts vary from a guy and a woman having sex with farm tools to just takes on 70’s porn. Do I recommend this film…ummm, from a visual sexual a odd as hell art standpoint. It is pretty unique. This is that once in a lifetime film and thank god. At almost 2 hours long, I think a hour of it really worked and was fun. The other hour..well was the fluffer to the good stuff. If this title interests you, you can check it out and see how to order it on or follow them on facebook and twitter-Revolver Group.

7 out of 10

here is the press release for this film

Release date: Nov-2-2010

Director: Matthew Barney, Cecily Brown, Larry Clark, Sante Orazio, Marilyn Minter, Gaspar Noé, Richard Prince, Tunga
Cast: Daniel, Shirin Barthel, Dillan Lauren, Vicente Pinho Neto

Destricted is the first short film collection of its kind, bringing together sex and art in a series created by some of the world’s most visual and provocative artists and directors.

Explicit in content they reveal the diverse attitudes by which we represent ourselves sexually. Formed in 2004, Destricted is a platform for all forms of uncensored artistic expression; manipulating and embracing the expression of sex through art.

The Destricted brand is the first in a continuing series. The eight films presented explore the fine line where art and pornography intersect. They highlight controversial issues about the representation of sexuality in art; opening up debate about the question of whether art can be disguised as pornography or whether pornography can be disguised as art or as something else altogether. The result is a collection of sexy, stimulating, challenging, provocative, strange and sometimes humorous scenarios that leave it up to the viewer / voyuer to decide.

•Larry Clark’s IMPALED
•Matthew Barney’s HOIST
•Richard Prince’s HOUSE CALL
•Gaspar Noe’s WE FUCK ALONE
•Marilyn Minter’s GREEN PINK CAVIAR
•Sante D’Orazio’s SCRATCH THIS
•Tunga’s COOKING
Genres: Film