Movie Review-ChromeSkull:Laid to Rest 2

Coming to both dvd and blu ray on September 20th in both R and Unrated

Plot-Robert Hall, ChromeSkull, the sequel to Laid To Rest, and easily one of the most anticipated dvds of this fall. This takes place only seconds after Laid to Rest ended. ChromeSkull is dead, and our survivors leave. We soon learn there is a ChromeSkull organization. They bring ChromeSkull back to his home so they can bring him back to life and kill all the survivors and loose ends.

Review-If you loved Laid to Rest, you will love this as well. If you had trouble with Laid to Rest, well you will have trouble here. Let me start off with the positives. The kills and gore are fantastic. This is over the top, in your face, violent, and very unique kills and a lot of blood. They introduce a new weapon in this film almost like a japanese star with knives all around. You have Preston, Spann, and Cochern they lead this organization, where ChromeSkull is their boss. I thought Brian Austin Green as Preston, was the role of his life. He decides to be ChromeSkull 2. To go behind his boss’s back and imitate his boss. What a clever twist to this franchise in the making. And Danielle Harris was quite possibly in her best role in at least 5 years playing Spann. She is sinister, but still looking like the innocent child. Come to find out she is the one who tells her boss about the women he places in the coffins. And this time, the victim is a partial blind girl named Jessica. ChromeSkull abducts her and puts her in the coffin and it is up to the police and her family to find her. I liked the victim more this time around, she seemed more of someone you would feel more sympathy for. The body count in this film, is almost triple than how many died in the first one, which for a slasher film is always good. The negatives. Like the first film, the pacing is bad. It just feels flat in the middle just like the first film. That you go for at least 20 to 25 minutes with no killing, just dialogue which was not bad, but it was just too much. And why does everyone have to have loud music in the kills in the first half hour. We get it that he is in the house and there is more than one person inside..but what about something more smart or clever than the done to death loud tv or stereo scenario. As a whole despite it’s minor flaws, I loved the film for the most part and would recommend owning this. And the bonus features has a goofy three minute blooper reel, and also some fun deleted scenes. This may be our new Friday the 13th…ChromeSkull is for real.

8.6 out of 10